An example of what I am talking about.

The first video is one I made about shoulder turn angles. How most golfers, including me, rotate too flat (horizontally) going back and too vertically coming through.

It’s a function of this whole inside/out, hold the lag culture with some help the ball in the air thrown in.

The second video is from a few months ago and the third one is from Saturday (three days ago).

Notice how much more room I have, how I am not under the plane as much coming into the ball and how my lower body rotates more in sync with the rest of my body on the downswing.

This concept will help those who are stuck and those who are over the top, because it gets you turning more 90* to your spine throughout the swing.

WARNING: There is a trap in today’s post so be careful with your comments. All those falling into my trap will be given a virtual dunce cap with MGD on it. 😀 Remember, this is supposed to be fun for all of us, so no one is allowed to take it personally.




  1. Calvin D

    Okay I’ll be the dunce. 2 and three are virtually identical in most respects. Downswing in 3 is right on plane and in 2 is under it as you mentioned. In 2 your butt line is 6 inches behind your heels and in 3 it’s almost even with your heels.

  2. Michael

    You hit the poo out of the ball. Would love to see that in slow motion to see how everything turns together. Third swing also looks slightly steeper at the top, or is it just me?

  3. James

    Nothing really stood out to me, but the takeaway looked a little more outside with a little more vertical shoulder turn back on the 9/4 swing. Curious to see what the lesson here is.

    BTW, had my best round ever Sunday. 73 with 5 birdies at what used to be one of my nemesis courses! Thanks for your help!

  4. ringerdaman

    I think you need to level out the camera before we can draw any real conclusions between 2 and 3. It looks like a tad bit more of an outside takeaway though in 3.

  5. S.

    I’m going to take a stab at “too vertical coming through.”

    I think it has to do with what you are trying to accomplish. If you are trying to hit the ball “to the target,” you are going to subconsciously want to guide the path, coming from straight behind the ball, resulting in vertical shoulders.

    If you let club selection and alignment take care of the “to the target” part, you are free to make a better turn “to the ball,” trusting your swing, letting it be more horizontal.

  6. Calvin D

    I see lots of players step up to tee markers that are aligned way left or right of the fairway and bomb it into the woods because they subconsciously assume the tees are square. I do it too. It can be very subtle deception and you have to check it every time. It’s good to practice hitting on an angle at the range.

    • Gunnar

      You could also draw a line on your golf ball and adjust this line to your aim. Many people (or at least a few) do this on the putting green but I think it can be helpful with a driver, too.


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