Why the golf media gives you bad advice.

All of the golf magazines and instructional shows on The Golf Channel are a plethora of information.  Some of it is good, but most of it is…I don’t want to say bad, because it is generally correct, but way too complicated and unnecessary.

A few years ago, a certain major golf publication had the following two covers:

“How to hit Tiger’s 2-iron stinger”

“How to hit driver off the ground”

I was so angry when I saw this because there are so many things wrong here.

Here are only a few:

1.  Any golfer who has the ability to hit these two shots is on the PGA Tour and knows how to already.

2.  Most people can’t hit driver to begin with and should be using a 3-wood off the tee, never mind driver off the ground.

3. 2-iron stinger?  How about throwing your 2,3 and 4 irons in the trash and carrying hybrids!

4.  Since Tiger is one of the few US PGA Tour players who uses the stinger often and you can go months without seeing a PGA Tour player hit driver off the ground…why the **** do 25 handicaps need to know how to do this?

I will add one more thing.  Dave Pelz did a whole segment on The Golf Channel on how to play a ball partially submerged in the water and how to practice it.

The point of this rant:  Most golfers needing information from these sources have little enough practice time as it is.  Why do they need to waste time practicing and learning how to hit shots they will never need and that they are not skilled enough to perform in the first place?



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