The best putting tip you can get…

especially on short ones.

Becoming a really good putter, when you are not one right now, requires hours and hours and hours of practice at stroking putts and green reading.

Most golfers have real jobs and don’t have time for that, so here is a real simple philosophy that will help your putting.

Most bad short putters do one or both of the following.

They move their heads(I know I said that was OK before, but putting is different than the rest of the game) and/or they try and steer the ball on the perfect line.

Both of these things are about “wishing” the ball in the hole.

Here is a philosophy change that will help all of you.  Don’t try and make the putt.  I know…this sounds ridiculous.

Trying too hard to make short putts puts you in a bad state both mentally and physically.  There are so many imperfections, even on perfect greens, that putts aren’t always going to go in.

All you have to do is read the putt to the best of your ability, line up to the spot you want to aim and just try and hit it solid with the right speed.  It will go in or it won’t.

You will be amazed how many more putts you will make if you just try and hit a solid putt, versus trying to make it.




  1. Banner 12

    Or simply use a belly putter. Then all you have to do is rock your shoulders and hang on.

    It’s like cheating.

    • Monte Scheinblum

      The problem with belly putters is people don’t know how to use them properly and others can’t stand the feel. Since putting is all about feel, it eliminates that choice for a lot of golfers.

      • Banner 12

        Yes, you have to line up the ball precisely in the same place each time (at the bottom of the arc) or you will push/pull the putt.

        But that is a small price for consistent putting.

        As for feel, I can see that part of it. But this is a mechanical stroke and for some ‘feel’ will be sacrificed. Again, small price to pay for consistent putting.

        • Monte Scheinblum

          B12. I agree with everything you are saying, but it just doesn’t work for many people.

          I tried it and had no chance. Most people don’t try because of the stigma that it means you are a bad putter and that bruises the ego. That is a joke because if Vijay can win a major with the belly putter, then ego should go out the window.

          I would putt in a pink tutu if I thought it would help.

  2. armando

    Shouldn’t belly putters be outlawed since it ‘is’ cheating?

    • Banner 12

      The USGA is looking into outlawing the belly putter.


  3. BruinMel

    Why should this be the only club you are permitted to anchor to your body/arms? I agree with the lack of feel — since most of my misses are because of incorrect “speed” not line, it wouldn’t work for me.



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