Reread the post on trying to hit short irons too far as that also applies to wedges.

On top of that I see a huge issue with people and their wedges. I see other golfers trying way too hard to draw their wedges. Amateur golfers around the world are enamored with the draw and get themselves into all sorts of trouble…most especially with wedges.

When you try too hard to draw a PW, GW, SW or LW, several awful, disgusting, putrid, nasty, rank, foul, odious things can happen.

Probably the worst is rerouting your hands way too far to the inside and needing to save it with your hands to create the draw and prevent the block, instead of continuing to rotate the body in sync.

I won’t list all of the bad things you can do, just take away this. You don’t have to hit a draw if it’s not your natural shot…and you don’t have to draw wedges even if a draw is your natural shot.

Most of your practice on the range should be with wedges to begin with. Make your normal comfortable swing and pay attention to the ball flight you get on the good swings and the ball flight you get on the bad swings and play for those shots.



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