Try an experiment.

For fun, eliminate the use of all of your even numbered clubs for a round or two and see what you shoot. Skill level doesn’t matter. I used do this a few times a year and it really made me better and taught me some things. I need to start doing this again.




  1. Calvin D

    Good post. Another educational exercise is to over-club by two clubs for an entire round.

  2. Bob34

    Clubbing 2 up is a tough one especially at courses with heavily bunkered and elevated greens…

  3. Philbert

    A friend of mine that I play with alternates odds and evens during the winter months. He also walks so a side benefit is that it also lightens his bag

  4. Chris

    The advantage to being a high handicapper is that I can grab just about any three or four clubs and play about the same. As an example, I went up to the range to hit some balls the other day, but the range was closed so they let me play for free. All I had was an old 2 iron (I use it just for practice), 9 iron, LW, and a putter, and I shot a 45 on the front. I doubt I would have shot any better with a full set.


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