The straight left elbow.

Obviously this is for a right handed golfer and it would be the right elbow for a left handed golfer.

This is neither profound, nor groundbreaking, but I am surprised and appalled at how many people don’t know the significance of the straight left elbow.

There are four basic categories for the left elbow during the backswing and downswing.

1. Locked
2. Straight
3. Soft
4. Elbow Macaroni

Most people will tell you tat a golf swing where you are in category 2 as long as possible is ideal. Not going to get an argument from me.

What I am here to say is that category #1 is the worst. In an effort to have a straight left elbow, many golfers, even low handicappers, will lock their left elbow and/or have too much tension in it, in order to keep it straight. That is the road to injury.

The “straightness” of the left elbow is about moderation and avoiding too much of a good thing. A concept not too common or popular in modern golf instruction.




  1. Torbjörn Peters

    ‘…and downswing.’
    What are yours thoughts on a bent left arm at impact? Like Lee Westwood and Rickie Fowler? Or that of the modern version of you Monte – Jamie Sadlowski? Whilst at it – any comments on RF’s enormous back twist during transition?

    • Monte Scheinblum

      I don’t recommend any of those things for the average golfer. Those guys compensate fr those issues.

  2. gwlee7

    I have been fighting more of the “elbow macaroni” at impact here lately because of what used to be a hook. I have held of the release for so long that now I have a small chicken wing at times resulting in a goose shot out of the sky slice.

    The original plane and release by feel video has been helping tremendously.

  3. Bob34

    @ Erdi – If you see this, check Monte’s message board…


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