Tomorrow’s post will be a big one.

I realize yesterday’s post was weak and this one isn’t going to be anything to write home about. My wife went out of town and I have the baby by myself, so there isn’t a lot of time for profound thought.

Tomorrow I am going to give a list of things I think are important to hit the ball farther, but also lower your handicap.

I will leave you with this today. Have some fun by changing things up.

1. Play a round from the red tees and see how low you can shoot.

2. Play without your even numbered irons.

3. Play a round where you hit every shot to the dead center of the green and see what you shoot.

4. Play a round where you hit driver on every hole, no matter how tight.

5. Play a round from a forward tee where you hit no woods.

6. Play a round where you chip with a less lofted club from every shot and work on your touch.

7. Play a round where you casually check the yardage. “Yea, that 150 plate is about 15 yards in front of me.”

8. Play a round where you don’t check any yardages inside of 100 yards.

9. Play a round where you check a putt from different angles than you normally do.

10. Play a round where you think of nothing but balance and rhythm.

Try any or all of these things and see what it does to your score. I bet you will be surprised.




  1. hackgolfer

    Just started with a new instructor, and he did something like number 3 in the post, but on the playing lesson, he took out the flags before we started (I think every green was blind from the tee box on my home course). He explained this was how Jack Nicklaus’ dad was tteaching Jack. My instructor explained that generaly there are 6 easy pin placements, 6 medium pin placements, and 6 hard placements (Don’t know how true that is), and so you really had to work hard on the 6 hard ones if you start out aiming for the center of the green. We also did one game where we start from the red stakes(100 yard markers). For me as a high handicapper, it was like a (paradigm) shift in how I need to see the hole if I want to start shooting lower.

  2. Monte Scheinblum

    Wow, someone who knows what he is doing. I don’t know what else he is teaching you, but this was good.

  3. CaryK

    Read an article a while ago about a college golf coach doing something similar to #3. Before his team got to the course for their regular practice round, he had his assistant take all the flags out. When the players realized that, they asked their coach what were they supposed to do. He just said, “you figure it out”. So instead of being aggressive and hitting to risky pins, they played to the center of the greens and guess what … they ALL shot at least 3 strokes under their scoring average! It’s a great lesson that needs to be learned by most of us.


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