Don’t you know the cover up is always worse than the crime?

Didn’t you learn anything from the baseball steroid debacle? The guys who denied and covered up (McGwire, Bonds, Palmeiro, Clemons) are now pariahs. The guys who gave their mea culpas and admitted use are as popular as ever. In A-Rod’s case, maybe even more popular.

Kobe was accused of rape on top of adultery, everyone still loves him. His jersey is selling more than ever.

The tabloids and the internet don’t allow anyone to keep secrets for very long…not especially someone with the squeaky clean image of Tiger.

I am far from condoning what Tiger did, but if he had come clean immediately, after the story died down, people would be back to worshiping his great skill.

Now, guess what? He is no longer going to get a pass for his cursing (he leads the Tour in fines), his club throwing, his often refusals to sign autographs, his caddy confiscating and breaking cameras and anything else the media can drum up.

I still worship his great skill and I am flawed enough that I am not going to be self righteous about his infidelity (although I can be extremely frank and I say my fidelity to my wife is beyond reproach).

However, I will question his advisers and Tiger himself for trying to hide the unhideable. The sporting public forgives things as bad as murder. Just ask Ray Lewis and Leonard Little. The two things they don’t seem to forgive are denial of wrongdoing and sullying the game.

PS-We shouldn’t feel angry with Tiger, we should feel sorry for him. No matter what he did to bring the public ire upon him, he does not deserve to have the Wicked Witch of the North, South, East and West against him. He messed up BIG, he will pay a penalty none of us can imagine, so let’s just leave him alone and enjoy his great golf.




  1. Brett Picotte

    Steve will have a hard time beating up all of the hecklers. But, I’m’ sure he’ll try. 🙂

  2. Peter Balogh

    Let´s face it Tiger is just a Daly.

  3. Matt

    Tiger screwed up and will lose much for his antics; In my book Tiger will never be as great as Nicklaus, Palmer, Bobby, Hogan, Snead, Nelson now or any other golfer with higher morals…heck any person with morals really.

    I was; however, incensed with the Golf Channel – holding a news show saying how much the media is hounding him and how bad they are for doing that…..while doing the EXACT same thing!

    • Monte Scheinblum

      The Golf Channel puts Dave Pelz on the air. They have no shame.

  4. Dave Garretson

    Today I read the “count” is up to 9 women, but an unnamed source in his camp says this is just the tip of the iceberg. Tiger has a problem. Maybe all the regimented lifestyle drummed into him by Earl has messed up his head. Great golfer, but this dude REALLY destroyed the image he had created.


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