This was one of the first dozen or so posts I put up. It was enjoyed by all who read it, even those who like what Leadbetter has to say. Dealing with a pregnant wife and an 11 month old 25 pound sack of potatoes tearing up the house is hard work and there isn’t always time for a poignant blog post. 🙂 So here is a repeat for entertainment purposes and for those new to the blog…enjoy.

I have seen David Leadbetter on TV many times talking about…well, nonsense.

IMO, he ruined the tail end of Nick Faldo’s prime with that stupid yellow bean bag with his name on it that you see at every driving range. If you swing into it too many times, it throws off the rhythm of your golf swing. Ask Nick what he thinks of the yellow bean bag if you ever see him.

Impact Bag? The only impact it has is to sprain your wrists and give you lumbago.

IMO, it is no coincidence that after Ernie Els started working with him, he was not seen on the top of the leader board in any majors. No more DL for Ernie, he is back on the leaderboard.

It is also my opinion that it is no coincidence that after Michelle Wie started working with him, she went from almost winning majors on the LPGA Tour, to not being able to break 80 for a while. No more DL, she gets her first win.

Several years ago, I used to live at PGA West where they have played the Skins game, The Bob Hope and Q-school.

I was playing the Palmer course one day and there was a film crew and several carts in the middle of the fourth fairway. I decided to go watch and found DL shooting an instructional video. I decided to listen along with 10 or 12 of my fellow members.

I won’t going into the specific technical nonsense he was spouting because I don’t want to expose you to what can only be considered the golf version of pornography. Needless to say, I disagreed with it, but I want to tell you what happened.

He spouted his nonsense, tried to implement it by hitting a shot to the green…dead 90 degree shank.

Take 2…same nonsense verbally, tried to swing that way…El Hozel about 4 feet from the first one.

Take 3…same nonsense into the camera…I would like to tell you he holed out door #3, but alas, it was another right turn special.

He slammed his club on the cart and it broke.

I would like to tell you what happened next, but I couldn’t contain my laughter and had to drive away.

Moral to the story. Why is much of the world trying to improve their golf game by listening to a guy who gives out info so bad, it gives himself the shanks?




  1. radioman

    Good replay of a past blog.
    I’m not even that bad.

  2. par_struggle

    …so this begs a question. Knowing that the vast majority (99%+) of golf training aids are crap…are there a handful that you do think highly of? If so, what are they?

    Mind you, this can involve home brew stuff as well. What works, in your experience?

    • Monte Scheinblum

      To me, there is only one good training aid that I know of. Anything that helps you visualize your target line and ball position. That can be purchased at a local Home Depot for about 50-99 cents a piece…and you only need two or three of them.

      Dowel rods.

  3. Shakey Focus Lou

    Nice story. But, you know what would be a timely story? How about a Tiger story? You had at least one funny one (what the girl told you) about El Tigre. lol Might as well pile on, and maybe US magazine might throw cash your way!

  4. Richie3Jack

    The impact bag works about once or twice just to give a feel of what resembles impact. The flipper usually doesn’t have a clue and it probably feels more ‘punchy’ and ‘hanging on’ with the wrists than they imagine. Great DL story. I had a family friend who played at the U. Of Miami for college golf. His roommate was Woody Austin. He goes down there his freshman year and is playing great, makes starting team and is shooting in the 60’s. He had a little weird grip (really not that bad though) and took it a little to the outside and looped it in. But, he looped it in perfectly time after time and absolutely striped it around the course. And still does.

    Anyway, his coach didn’t like his swing and thought he could be really good if he would have a more conventional swing style and sent him to DL. He said after working with him for one lesson he couldn’t stop shanking. Then he went to DL again and it really got bad. A couple of more times and he couldn’t stop shanking. He had quite a short fuse and I’m surprised he put up with it for this long and told DL off. That pissed off his coach and eventually he wound up losing his scholarship. He eventually went back to his old swing and is still one of the best ballstrikers I’ve ever seen (he can’t putt worth a lick) and I’ve played mini-tour and D-1 college golf.

    • Monte Scheinblum

      Great story. I get railed on for criticizing all these famous gurus and their success with PGA Tour players is the evidence. I think these PGA Tour players succeed in spite of the teaching, not because of it. Especially in the case of DL’s students and Tiger.

  5. CTomlin

    You forgot to mention how Leadbetter has screwed up LPGA star Suzanne Pettersen. She went from winning 5 in a year to barely mentioned! Has anyone noticed how many of Leadpoison’s students are injured at any one time? Wie, Immelman, Pettersen all have been hurt.

  6. golf swing analysis

    I think we can study what David Leadbetter done, because he is the author of seven books that have sold over two million copies, has written and produced more than a dozen DVDs and is the designer of several golf training aids that have sold well over a million units worldwide

  7. agree

    DL is the worst joke in golf! He has messed up more swings that anyone can count. MW in particular can’t hit a fairway when she tries… all due to DL and his stupid teachings! MW needs to drop DL before he screws her up totally… if that’s even possible, considering DL did his damndest already!

  8. RON

    I want to say that all this positioning stuff these instructors teach will eventually ruin all yr fluidity, I have tried everything under the sun,rain,clouds and fog and I mean EVERYTHING. I have been playing this crazy nut game fr 30 years , now Im 44 and I was a scratch when I was 15, yes its true, and since I tried to listen to leadpoisons crap as well as other crap trying to reach that next LEVEL. Anyway ended up being tight , lost all my natural motion everything since. Then I decided to go a different direction , so I just emulated couples swing and my game came back faster and just as good wen I was young and its been a year now and Im still doing my Freddie and playing great golf. The meaning of this is to find what works fr you, the only good instructors can give you is working on yr basic fundamentals THATS IT.


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