This swing is NOT “money”

I went with a video like this first for one major reason. This kind of swing gets told by everyone he plays with how pretty and awesome it is. His rhythm is pretty good and he has that perfect PGA Tour “scratch” finish. This guy doesn’t hit the ball nearly as far as he should and I guarantee you he doesn’t shoot as low as his “pretty swing” is perceived.

Here is why.

His takeaway is all arms. It goes way too far to the inside, causing his hips to over rotate and him to roll on the outside of his right foot…which throws him out of balance. Then his upper body starts before his hips, causing them to stall and he has to just throw his arms at.

Then he needs a theme song. The Beatles “Yesterday.”

“Yesterday, I chucked my right hand all day, but my perfect finish is here to stay.”

His hips are pointed at the ball at impact and they don’t clear till the ball is long gone.

Lastly, he is underneath the plane just before impact, which is why he can’t release it properly or clear his lower body and he has to throw his right hand at it. I am not bagging on this guy, I am bagging on his buddy for saying “money” when this swing has too many things wrong with it to count. “If it looks pretty, it must automatically be a good swing.” AH…NO!

Here is what I would tell this guy.

1. Your rhythm is awesome, no matter what you work on, don’t lose that quality in your swing.

2. You need to roll your shoulders back at address as they are too rounded and you need to stick your butt out just a little to straighten your spine. Those two things will allow you to implement your first swing thought.

3. Take the club away with more shoulder turn and less arm swing. Put a dowel rod down just outside the golf ball to help visualize what straight back is.

After he integrated those simple things, I would replace the swing thought in #3 to releasing the club better. Once he controlled the takeaway with his shoulders and released the club properly, his lower body would stop over rotating and automatically sync with his upper body.

Lessons like these reminding him of these issues once a week, or at least every 2 weeks; I’d say about 8-10 yards more off the tee and depending on his short game, about 2-5 shots off his handicap within 3-6 months. My guess is he is a high single digit right now.

This is how simple lessons should be and no quick fixes, they don’t last long term. You might ask if a lesson for a high handicapper with a bad swing would be this simple? It would probably be even simpler.




  1. Carrera

    Are you Mr Schennsational in the comments to the vid?

      • Carrera

        Just click on the video to see the comments on youtube….there are over 100.


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