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You will instantly know whose swing this is. Yes, It is none other than Chuck Barkley. I literally ran out of the room screaming after only 30 seconds of watching The Haney Project. I was bitter at Haney and his protege already for what they did with my swing. Then it became obsessive when I started targeting his work with Tiger. The Haney Project has made me downright homicidal.

How in the world can you talk plane to to someone with this golf swing? “Flatter, Flatter” is all he could say to Charles the episode I watched for that 30 seconds and I hurt myself running out of the room in anger and fear like a little girl at a horror movie.

Talking plane and flatter to someone with a swing like Charles is like talking physics to a first grader learning addition and subtraction.

First off, Charles’ setup and initial balance is actually quite decent for someone as poor as he is. His first golf lessons should be about two things. Rhythm and grip pressure. He is death gripping it and he has no sense of rhythm.

I would first tell him to grip it lighter and try and maintain that grip pressure. Next, I would sit there saying “1-2,” or I’d have a metronome going and make him swing to the rhythm of that…or maybe even better, find some hip hop with a thumping rhythmical beat playing while he was hitting balls.

Weeks or even a month later (depending on how many balls he hits and how often) when he had a sense of a 1-2 timing in his swing, the only real mechanical thing he needs to learn about is an arm swing vs. a shoulder turn. Taking it back inside with your arms is terrible for a normal sized person. It is even worse for someone with a torso as huge as Charles.

So to sum up. Weeks or even a month of lighter grip pressure and learning a sense of rhythm. Next, a very simple transition from an arm swing to a shoulder turn.

“Flatter! Flatter!”

My response to that would be **** You! **** You!

Please excuse the profanity, but it is the only appropriate response to that and exactly what Charles should have said.




  1. peter mies

    great post M….How does a guy like Haney get all the publicity? He has the school, the CB project, books…and you aren’t the only golf writer that totally discredits Haney…

    do you begin transition with the release and the shoulder turn simultaneously?


    • Monte Scheinblum

      Yes, everything should work in sync. You don’t “lead with the lower body” or “delay the release.” the release, the upper body and the lower body all work together.


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