The worst golf swing ever.

This is the Youtube title, not mine. I will say this swing is pretty bad, but nowhere near the worst I have ever seen.

Here is where I think my, “let’s work on one thing at a time” theory is better than most.

It’s hard to go beyond step one or step two with this swing, because it is almost impossible to foresee where things would go.

1. His setup isn’t actually that terrible. He only needs to roll his shoulders back a hair, bend his knees a hair more and bend over at the waist a hair more.

2. His first swing thought to work on is GREATLY reduce the tension in his body both at address and during the swing. How he hits the ball should be irrelevant for a while until he learns to reduce the tension in his body to a manageable level.

Once he loosened things up, step two would be to come close to maintaining that spine angle and not stand up so much in the back swing. Some of it is being caused by the tension.

After tension and spine angle, it is impossible to tell where the next step would be. I have an inkling that he was trying to do a drill and that’s why the takeaway was so far outside, but if not, that would be step three.

Some would say this swing was the guy joking around, but two pieces of evidence lead me to believe it’s real.

The camera person was going guerrilla without the golfer knowing he was being filmed.

I have seen way worse golf swings.

PS-You can see that I would tell this guy nothing about plane and shoulder turn. You have to give golfers information slowly, no matter how good they are, and this guy is bad so he needs really simple stuff to start out with.




  1. Will

    It almost looks like the swing drill Haney had Barkley doing.

    • Carrera

      Yeah, a variation on the Leadbetter pre-set drill or the similar action used by Ryan Moore when he was working through a wrist injury.

  2. Banner12

    How about this swing?

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  3. Banner12

    Ooops. I need to learn the way to embed U-Tube videos.

  4. Ringer

    This is obviously a very contrived swing with a bunch of concepts that this gentleman is trying to piece together. Mostly likely he’s doing it all on his own from information he likely read somewhere or saw on golf channel. I seriously doubt he has worked with an instructor.

    The first thing I would do is teach him to get his weight on his front foot on the finish. Just learning to balance properly from back foot to front foot would help immensely.

  5. Bob

    His backswing is somewhat unorthodox, but he does almost get it into the slot at the top for a conventional downswing .. but then he fails because he is simultaneously clearing his hips and shoulder in unison … and miraculously manages to hit the ball somewhere. His follow-thru mirrors his backswing as he tries to catch the looping club. ‘A’ for effort … ‘D’ for simplicity … golf is a fun game .. not a funny game … or is it …????!!!!

  6. peter mies

    so true about the shoulders taking the club back and with that I think I understand the set at the top….it seems to happen because my arms stop when my shoulders stop and that is the set…i never felt that when my arms were involved as I realized today that my arms continues after my shoulders had reached their max…plus one of the added benefits is the feeling of a shorter but way more compact swing..and that brings accuracy and distance..
    thanks Monte

  7. Big Ben

    Been meaning to ask you this. Whose swing on Tour do you like the best, and why? You are pretty critical of lots of swings, so it would be good to hear what you admire.

    • Monte Scheinblum

      There is a difference between where I see possible minor improvements like I talked about in Ogilvy’s swing and being critical. I think Ogilvy’s is great, Els, obviously. I like Appleby’s, Adam Scott’s and Weekly’s…lots of others I can’t think of right now. Loved Jack’s swing in his 20’s…can’t beat that.

  8. peter mies

    Hey Monte: have you any thoughts regarding Carl Loren’s “turn the left shoulder to begin the backswing”. He seems to believe that that move keeps club on plane.

    • Monte Scheinblum

      I stopped paying attention to what name instructors said a while ago, so I don’t know who that is.

      “Turn the left shoulder” is a vague term that could do about anything. I could turn the left shoulder and pretty much whip it inside or shove it outside. I like doing things together because when you focus on one body part, that eventually becomes the only one that moves.

  9. peter mies

    Is there BS that we hear about regarding the green side bunker shot? Reading your blogs has me wondering what else I have thought to be gosple only to realize it is wrong and/or too complicated.


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