The “worst club” test

You want to know if something you found on the range or a tip you got from someone is an improvement or a band-aide?

Do the “worst club” test.

Take out the club that is the most problematic in your bag and hit a series of balls with your “new” way of doing things.

That is a perfect litmus test for whether or not this change you are making will help you long term, or just for the day…or is just terrible all together.

For me it’s fairway woods and hybrids. My new swing passed the “worst club” test at the end of last week and during Saturday’s round.

Let’s see if I can pass step 3 today (LINK for those who don’t know what step 3 is)

BTW-I have a story about the hotel I booked (don’t know what I was thinking when I did it). I pray I am able to relay the details as funny as they happened. I can only assume I was distracted by my son while I booked this place. I injured my lower back yesterday warming up and didn’t play a practice round because I couldn’t even get into a golf stance. Did all the usual stuff to help it, but I woke up this morning and could barely get out of bed. Nasty muscle spasms. I am not opposed to playing in pain and on over the counter meds, but if you can’t bend over at the waist…

I still have some funny stories from the weekend in Tennessee and I will have some of the details tomorrow. I obviously did not play in the qualifier, but I am really starting to play well, be more consistent and the old swing is having less of a hold. I will probably have to skip the qualifier next week too as I will need a few days off and don’t want to go if I haven’t practiced or played but one or two days prior.




  1. Will

    I love this tip. I do something similar. When I’m trying to get on track, I hit my 3-iron. For my swing, hitting a 3 iron off the turf solidly translates well from the driver to the wedges. Good stuff, Monte.

  2. Walter

    I have aTempurpedic mattress best two thousand bucks I ever spent


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