The term inside/out has been successful

in ruining more people’s golf swings and games than hold the lag, keep you head down, restrict you hip turn and all of the other cliches put together.

It is a stupid term, almost no one knows what it actually means and I would like to change it to what a blog reader suggested. Something that isn’t completely misleading.

Inside to square (to inside).

That was brilliant and I apologize to who thought it up as I have forgotten. Please don’t be mad I stole your term. Please feel free to take credit.

Here is a video to help make some sense of this.






  1. Radioman


    I’ve never heard so many golfballs bouncing of the wooden boards
    separating each stall at the local range. When I look to see who’s
    making the racket, it’s usually some guy practicing his “inside move”
    on the downswing. I’m very tempted to tell them to STOP this madness,
    not because I’m angry, but because they look so damn FRUSTRATED.
    By the way, I first heard the term, inside to square to inside about ten
    years ago on a John Jacobs video, (UK golf instructor) It was probably
    the best golf video I ever saw.


  2. s.

    Trying to guide the club seems like a slow-down move (even though you are correct about the path).

    From takeaway to impact, it seems that the more that people think about the club, the worse the results are. What if someone got to the top and just let hand-eye coordination take it from there?

    I read something like this the other day, applied to chipping, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it applies to the long game too: You want to feel like your arms start swinging because of body movement – not ahead of the body– either going back or coming down.

    And, if the club is even farther down the line than arms & hands, trying to manipulate the club probably short-circuits something.

    • Monte Scheinblum

      I am not suggesting this as a move. I am only trying to educate the people that are ruining themselves with the wrong info.

  3. Mike Z

    I think that Inside-Square-Inside is attributed to Harvey Penick in the comment from a few weeks back.

  4. Steve Bishop

    An “inside-out” path is certainly achievable and will cause the ball to push, draw, or hook. However it tends to be created through very contrived means. If you simply just lined someone up to the right and told them to hook the ball, it wouldn’t be hard for them to swing inside out.

    It’s when the player lines up square, has been pulling across their body all their lives, and tries to pull the club from the inside while “holding the lag” that it gets all funky. Often they hang back on their back leg too.

    If you are looking to hit the ball straight, you need inside, to square, to inside. Looking for a draw then you need inside to out, then back to the inside.

    Still, the easiest way to adjust path is to teach a person about tilt and how to do it properly within their ability to remain balanced.

    • Monte Scheinblum

      Still, the easiest way to adjust path is to teach a person about tilt and how to do it properly within their ability to remain balanced.

      I agree 100%. I am not advocating anything here other than to clarify what the term means, as so many teach it wrong.


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