Modern golf instruction (and cliches) is like…

(The videos on keeping the club in front of you and what inside/out really means will be Wednesday and Thursday. You will like them)

(I apologize to those offended by the off color analogy, but it fits because it’s disgusting. More of you will actually be offended by the run on sentences. 😀 )

…trying to cure constipation by giving yourself diarrhea. I know what many of you are thinking. Monte is both crazy and gross, but before you pass judgment, hear me out.

Modern golf instructional (MGI) themes are based on implementing the opposite of what is bad, instead of trying to do what works for each individual or what is natural for the human body. Here are some examples.

1. Casting-instead of teaching people what a proper release is, MGI teaches them to use their hands to hold the angle (hold lag), causing a laundry list of problems, the worst being the shanks.

2. Over the top-instead of teaching proper swing path and release, MGI teaches swinging more “inside/out” by burying it to the inside, getting the club stuck and actually getting the club outside the target line and again, causing shanks.

3. Lifting the club with the arms-instead of understanding that all you have to do is add shoulder turn to the lifting of the arms (The natural way a club is taken away). MGI teaches going low and slow and getting full extension of the arc, which leads to too much arms swing, club getting behind you, late hand set, narrowing of the arc on the way down, bad rhythm and bad transition. Among other things.

4. Over rotation to the inside, causing the club to get out of position and rolling on the outside of the rear foot-instead of understanding that a shoulder turn that rotates 90* to the spine won’t cause too much hip rotation, MGI teaches to restrict the hip turn, which causes the body getting out of sync, a cutoff shoulder turn, tension in the backswing and extra arm and hand swing to “complete the backswing,”

These are just four examples of many when the opposite of what is bad is also bad in the other extreme.

You don’t cure constipation by going to Mexico, drinking the water and giving yourself dysentery. Taking a laxative (quick fix tip) will only give you temporary relief. Eating a balanced diet, drinking water and exercise is the way for long term health.

I’ll put it even simpler. If you are aimed too far right, you don’t try and feel like you are aimed too far left, or you eventually will be and you will go back and forth.

You make an effort to aim square.

All others issues in the swing are exactly the same. You don’t do the opposite and hope they cancel. That is the quick fix, immediate gratification, ruin your golf game method. You make an effort to do it correctly, every day it gets a little bit better and 6 months from now…VIOLA! Your handicap is lower and you aren’t in traction or having rotator cuff surgery.




  1. Walter Nizza

    The point of M. G. I. is not to help you , but, to get you to buy more stuff you don’t need, like gizmo’s that will never help and more lessons from the pro that ruined your swing in the first place. To prove my point I went to the driving range last week using my Big bertha 454, and my Powerbuilt persimmon drivers the overall distance was about equal with both clubs. If I had the cash to buy a new persimmon driver with a graphite shaft I would.

  2. S.

    If I had the choice of M.G.I. or these two videos, I’d take the videos. (Souchak was a looooong hitter.)


    Brian Manzella (used to work with David Toms):


  3. Steve Bishop

    Those guys that had a stiff left arm and kept their head down seemed to do alright. 😀

  4. Radioman


    At my local driving range, I’ve never heard so many dang golfballs
    banging into the sideboards installed at each stall. Most of the time
    it’s some guy practicing his “inside move” in the downswing. These
    golfers tend to be experienced ones, based on their equipment and
    occassional ability to hit a few good shots. I’m tempted to tell them
    to STOP this madness, not because I’m annoyed, but because they
    look so FRUSTATED.
    By the way, inside to square to inside is a term that has been around
    for a pretty long time. I first heard it mentioned on a John Jacobs video
    (UK golf instructor) about nine years ago.



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