“The Process”

I have touched on this subject before, but never went into it in much detail. This is where I think a lot of improvement goes by the wayside.

Improvement in golf is not linear, it is a lot like the graph of the Dow Jones. And like the end of 2008, we sometimes hit major valleys, think we have it back on track, only to fall lower than we were before.

Just like get rich quick schemes tanked the Dow, quick fix tips will tank your golf game.

Just like there are down days in the Dow when the economy is recovering, there are down days in your golf game when you are working on all the right things.

The people who lose their money in the stock market, are the ones who panic and sell when the market is going down. The people who panic and abandon the fundamentals they are working on because they had a bad week at the golf course, are the ones that never improve long term.

We are all guilty of hurting our stock portfolios and golf games because we get shortsighted and pay too much heed to the short term wins and losses.

Microsoft, Proctor and Gamble and Mcdonald’s aren’t going anywhere any time soon and neither are balance, rhythm and natural body motions.

So let’s not panic and stay with the fundamentals even in the bad times. Long term our golf games will be better…and we will have more money to play golf. Remember, the object in golf is to be better 6 months from now and the object in investing is to have more money 10 years from now.

To put it in plain terms, pros make changes and expect to hit bad shots, amateurs make changes and expect to hit every shot well.

Be patient, while the change takes hold. If you decide to go on a diet, eat right and exercise, do you lose 20-30 pounds the next day? Then why do you expect to make a change in your golf swing and immediately think the bad shots will go away.

BE PATIENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Make some subtle changes that will help you and you will get better. The worst thing you can do is fall back to your old habits just because you had a one day, or even a one week setback.




  1. Andrew

    But I want an oompa loompa NOW! good post Monte!


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