A succint post on swinging in sync.

Those of you from Golfwrx might have seen this already. The following is why swinging in sync is better than isolating body parts to gain power…or even worse to fix a different body part being isolated (e.g. consciously leading with the lower body because you are coming over the top).

If you make a proper turn going back, your hands are behind your sternum when they set over the right shoulder and your sternum is behind your zipper because your upper body (shoulders) turn more than your hips.

Split second photography shows the hips have a split second lead to start the downswing.

Now, if the hands are behind the sternum and the sternum is behind the zipper and the zipper has a split second head start, if everything turns together, you get the desired affect of hips leading the shoulders and the hands trailing, yet everything is in sync.

If, however, you make a conscious effort to lead with the hips or leave the hands behind, hold the lag, delay the release, etc…., that is when you get out of sync.

It really is that simple…and turning properly is all about allowing natural body mechanics to happen without your interference.




  1. radioman

    Just a simple comment from a struggling mind:
    I arrived at the first tee with a dejected attitude
    because I had been hitting the ball very poorly
    during practice.
    I made birdie, birdie, par on the first three holes.
    Not willing to let well enough alone, I tried to
    analyze why I was suddenly doing so well.
    I concluded that I was getting my hands more
    outside of my trailing shoulder on the top of
    the backswing.
    No tree was safe after that.


    • Monte Scheinblum

      This is why you want to eliminate swing thoughts. You were doing what was right automatically, then when you thought about it, you introduced thoughts…and now the worst part. Just like I said the other day, “feel is not real,” you probably weren’t doing what you felt like you were doing.

      Then you introduced that thought and screwed yourself up.

      • radioman

        I agree with you all the way Monte.
        With all of the swing info available
        in the print media, and on the net,
        it’s easy to get balled up with quick fixes
        and swing thoughts.
        However, through your blog, I feel
        I’ve gained some fortitude to believe
        in a sane, reasonable approach
        to consistent ball contact, and a
        better golf score.

  2. efnef

    Monte, just out of curiosity, which forum do you post in at Golfwrx. I just went over there and could not find any posts by you. But then, I am not a regular over there, and didn’t really try to navigate all of the sub forums. Thanks, efnef.

  3. Andrew

    Last weekend my only thought was shorter backswing (to match shoulder turn) and I shot 75. I’ve shot 75 before, but never this easy! I’m Hoping with a sharper short game the 60’s are not too far off. I did not lose any distance either, just seemed more in sync. I know there will still be some bad days, but I know now if I just stay out of my own way good things will happen. The video on what a full turn is really clicked for me. I always have a habit of letting my arms swing way too far. I really want to send a video of my swing for lessons when available. Thanks

    • Monte Scheinblum

      This is the kind of attitude all readers should follow. Andrew understands where and how improvement happens.

  4. Steve

    I enjoy reading your blog and your posts on GEA. Thank You
    What would you say would be a good feel or thought to promote turning in sync? I.E. – Turn your belt buckle to the target? Turn your lead hip behind? Any suggestions?


    • Monte Scheinblum

      I think it all starts with a proper shoulder turn. Once you get that down, everything else seems to sync up.

  5. andrew

    when i was about 13 i wanted to try golf. i borrowed some clubs from my uncle and went straight to the course (you can picture it, right). fortunately the course was empty. i struggled pitifully for 17 holes, couldn’t even get the ball in the air.

    on the 17th I finally gave up, i was about to walk off but i decided to hit one more, I was about 175 from the green and just grabbed an iron,

    I was exhausted and just stood next to the ball picked the club up and dropped it on the ball, suddenly my body reacted like it knew what to do and I pured a sweet draw straight over the flag stick (it was a 5 iron).

    To say I was surprised is an understatement, fortunately i didn’t know enough to try and analyze what had just happened, I just scratched every ball in that bag out and stood there and whacked every single one at the green. It was easy and I had no swing thoughts and I am sure i wasn’t keeping my head down or anything else.

    Now, I have had one lesson which showed the correct stance and grip, and other than the occasional bout of hooking have had a reliable low single figure handicap for 35 years.

    All I can say is thank goodness I listened to my body that day instead of trying to intellectualize something so natural that your body knows instinctively what to do better than anyone can explain.

    I never offer golf tips or advice even when asked because it in my opinion is too simple to be explained but needs to be felt.

    I would like to add that I am not some athletic marvel, I just rely on something as natural to me as breathing, to me the only explanation is – finish your backswing before you try to hit the ball


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