The pivot controls the rotation of the club face.

That’s what we hope to achieve…buuuuuuuut a few things have to happen to get us there.

1. You can’t just have any old backswing. Has to be competent, not to be confused with perfect.
2. You can’t just fire the lower body in either a slide or hip spin and have passive arms, because, “The swing works from the ground up and you just need to fire the lower body.”

What are the answers to 1 and 2 as to how?

The long answer is called golf instruction.

The short answer is you need a grip that allows your body to be in decent position at address, at the top and that allows the club face to not be too open to the arc when the shaft is parallel to the ground coming into impact (P6).

You need a backswing that makes it the easiest possible for you personally to link your arms up in transition.

You need a transition intent that allows your arms to link up by the time the left arm is parallel to the ground coming into impact (P5). For some it will be a lower body intent that pulls the arms into the body properly so the pivot can rotate the club into impact…or an upper body intent that gets the arms in position so the pivot can rotate the club into impact.

Don’t let anyone tell you one is right and one is not. Everyone is different.




  1. Y

    Hi Monte, nice post. After all your lessons, I am still having problems trying to hit the correct P3 in the backswing, where the shaft is supposed to point to at or inside of the ball, when viewed down the line. In my backswing, the shaft keeps on pointing to the outside of the ball no matter how hard I try when I try to hit a ball. Best I can ever do is to make the shaft point at the ball. You mentioned in one of the lessons that I don’t need to be perfect, but since I see that most pros have their p3 where shafts points to the inside, I want to try harder to be perfect. Can you give me any tips (or point me to one of your videos) to achieve this position?

    • walt

      I was a 6.2 index and lost my swing. Today I found your videos and I’m impressed! I’ve been struggling since mid last year.. Your explanation on 3 major swing thoughts is great.. ,wrist hinge, arm rotation ( left over right) and plane. I practice with a radar inside and a net outside. I’m hitting consistent numbers on my radar with little effort. probably around 80% swing.I just want to say thanks! cant wait to hit balls tomorrow!


  2. walt


    What’s your take on golf shaft: R,S,XS and length of shaft44″ vs 48″



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