Top Training Equipment Aids

For instructional purposes, I have a Flightscope, a Boditrak Pressure mat, a Myswing 3D motion capture system and I teach at an outdoor range with grass.

Someone told me the other day I am the only instructor in California that can provide all of these services. Even if this isn’t true, there aren’t many.  I have always prided myself on getting truly functional tools to help my students achieve their goals.  The coolest and newest doesn’t help if it can’t teach my clients anything or show them real results.

It’s pretty gratifying when I’m able to tell a client something to change, predict what all the devices and ball flight will do as a result…and it happens. Technology doesn’t replace knowledge, but it does expand and corroborate it.

PS-The 3D is really cool and IMO, seeing the ball flight is everything.




  1. Bruce

    Yeah, it doesn’t get any better than that and that’s exactly why I make the trip out to Irvine to see you….. it’s a total package experience. See you in five weeks!

  2. Mike Greene

    Monte, didn’t intend on it this morning but that’s what rainy days in So Cal are for, I guess. Watched the new Drive for Dough Parts 1 and 2 today. Wow, this is your “Odyssey” or “Ulysses”. This is everything I’ve ever heard you say about the golf swing in one set of videos. Bravo! My head is still swimming with ideas…what an achievement! Now I understand why you were cautious about people trying to do too much with it. I hope you feel a real sense of pride and accomplishment with the creation of a digital document of your teaching thoughts that will be around long after both of us.

  3. Kevin

    Hey Monte, I saw the videos you did with Brendon and you discuss that there is too much emphasis on using the body. I saw this video and it adds some validation to you theory.


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