Swing Analysis vs. Golf Lesson

Monday’s swing looked aesthetic, but was terrible.

Today’s looks terrible, but has a lot to work with and isn’t nearly as bad as it looks. This guy has two major setup issues, a spine angle issue that results from a length of swing issue. Obviously he is steep and is forced to rake his hands…which forces him to cut off the finish. Those things are a result of the bad posture and a long takeaway that lays the club off. However, I would not tell him any of that stuff, because they might be a result of what I would tell him and might go away if he fixed a few simple things first.

If I were giving him a lesson, here is what I would tell him on the first one.

1. Awesome shoulder turn off the ball. Most amateurs take it away with their arms.

2. He MAY be a bit too far away from the ball, which is why his head is not in line with his spine and his shoulders are rounded. If he got a few inches closer, his hands would hang relaxed below his shoulders, it would be easier for him to get his shoulders and head back and his knees would flex a bit more…and relax his arms and hands and not grip it so tight. If he could achieve rolling the shoulders back, lining his head up with his spine and bending his knees a bit more without getting closer, that would be OK too.

3. His one swing thought would be to shorten his back swing.

If he shortened his back swing with better posture, he might not lay it off so much. He certainly wouldn’t straighten up out of his setup spine angle.

Subsequent lessons would be about coming out of his spine angle at the top of his swing if the initial lesson didn’t fix that…and it should. Then, with the club in a much better position he would be able to control the club with his turn and not his hands…which would shallow him out and have a freer finish.

Remember, most of this is technical mumbo jumbo for fun. All a lesson would contain is the info in 1-3.

There is a HUUUUUGE difference between a swing analysis and a golf lesson. Always remember this because most instructors don’t know the difference. A swing analysis is to “analyze” ALL of the issues in the swing, good and bad according to a standard and compile a laundry list of things to work on and positions to hit. A golf lesson is a simple and short list of things to work on. Two completely different things.




  1. smitty

    I hear it all the time, but what exactly does roll the shoulders back mean?

    • Monte Scheinblum

      Another way of saying it is stick your chest out. Grab the club. and pull/roll your shoulders back and then roll them down so they are not in your ears

  2. Justin

    So if my swing happens to be uploaded to Youtube, does it get a critique….


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