“Straight” spine

Folks, come on, I am not an idiot. Over the course of writing this blog I have been criticized often for using the term “straight” when referring to the spine. I am well aware that the spine is curved.

Haven’t any of you ever been told by your mom…”Stand up straight!”

It is generally accepted that using the term “straight” when referring to the spine is the angle at which it sits when you are “standing up straight” with good posture…and I am suggesting to have that same angle when you bend at the knees and waist to address a golf ball.




  1. george walczyk

    Yo Monte,

    Must be those Golf Channel Forum guys. They’ll argue with just about anything.
    If you say toma-atah, I’ll say tomato.


  2. TonyK

    LOL, he suggested that you “google” spine to learn that it isn’t a straight thing. It’s difficult to restrain myself from commenting on stupidity, but since this is a family-oriented blog, I’ll keep my real thoughts to myself.

    • Monte Scheinblum

      Actually Steve has been very complimentary of the things I have written. Emails is what I was referring to.

  3. radioman

    I just had a golfers epiphany.
    No wonder most of us suck at golf — we were born with crooked spines.
    It’s only the very few poor dolts who were born with straight spines that can play this game well.
    Woe is me …

  4. ric

    I have read through your whole blog in the last couple of days as I stumbled onto it this week. I really like what you have to say and how you get it out. I live in South Florida and I was wondering if you could reccomend any instructors who believe in the the same principles as you do?


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