Tomorrow I will have a video that I think a lot of you will enjoy. It will explain the “butterfly effect” I talked about yesterday and how working on too many things at once gets you in huge trouble.

Justin Leonard is another swing that was requested by popular demand that I should look at.

I actually really like this golf swing. People have always commented on that forced flat finish as an issue, but that is just a symptom of another problem.

He turns the club away extremely well, sets it perfectly for his size and is in sync most of the swing. I make bold statements sometimes that make people cringe, laugh and scoff…and here comes one.

If Justin Leonard had me come out to work with him, he would become one of the top ten players in the world.

I want to say again, I bet I like his swing more than any “guru” or “swing expert” does, so read my criticism as praise of how he could be even better than he is already.

All he has to do is make two small adjustments, one in his setup and one to start his down swing and he will absolutely light it up.

I am amazed he turns it away so well with the way he sets up to the ball. He has almost no angles in his setup, it is almost straight up and down and his shoulders and spine are too rounded. What makes it amazing is he turns it away perfectly and as he does, his body morphs into perfect posture during the back swing and all of his lines become near perfect.

As he “straightens” things out, his head goes away and back toward the ball as a result of the mid swing posture change and that is why he looks so tense…and he probably is.

He releases the club way too late and his hands and the club get stuck behind his chest/turn. That is why he pulls it around flat in the finish, to avoid having his hands and the club getting away from him. Just as they are about to, he forces it back out in front of him and that is the patented, violent, flat Justin Leonard finish we could all spot on the range form a mile away.

If someone over 6-0 tall tried this, it is a 90 yard block or a snap hook waiting to happen.

If he would just start out with the perfect posture he swings himself into, released some of the tension in his body and started the release on time, it is my opinion he would become even more elite than he has been in his career already.




  1. steve lyons

    Goolge “spine” and tell us if the upper part of the spine is curved or straight.

    • Monte Scheinblum

      I understand it’s not straight. It is a generally accepted term that refers to the same spine you have when you “stand up straight.” It’s easier to say straight than as curved as normal, or more curved than normal, etc.

      • steve lyons

        That was a hasty post by me.

        I should have expanded that those guys with the “announcer praised” straight upper backs seem to be, in general, those that are fairly inconsistant. Adam Scott, Three Sticks, Leadbetter types, et al.

        Obviously, there’s more to their games than their posture. And we’ve all seen the hunchback of Notre Dame’s at the range who have no chance.


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