Shoulder Isolation Drill

This is an old but effective drill on how to understand what a proper shoulder turn FEELS like. I didn’t say this in the video, but this drill is meant to be used to hit golf balls. The quality of the shots you hit are not important, the fact you are learning the feel of a proper shoulder turn while hitting balls is.

As I say in the video, it prevents your arms and hands from ruining a good shoulder turn…and also prevents the arms and hands from saving a bad shoulder turn.





  1. Brett Picotte

    That’s really cool. It reminds me of David Ledbetter’s “Swing of the Future” where he starts the swing about halfway back with the wrists fully cocked. Then, all he does is turn from there.

    Have you ever tried that drill/swing and, if so, what do you think of it? Thanks.

    • Monte Scheinblum

      Brett, don’t you know that David Leadbetter is a four letter word on this site? 🙂

  2. Carrera

    Cool — the Leadbetter “pre-set” drill. 🙂 According to Nick Price’s book, when he first started working with Leadbetter, Price hit 800 balls per day for two weeks just doing that drill to get his swing plane fixed. Supposedly wore out his 8 iron. (As an aside, in Price’s book he has swing pics of his swing as a young guy, and it is totally unrecognizable….Leadbetter really did some good with Price).

  3. Brett Picotte

    Hey Monte:

    While we’re here, I’d like to make a request.

    Can you do a segment on how to grip the club? Most of the things I read or hear leave out details, and the details are important. Should it be more in the fingers, should the right index finger be like a trigger, should the left thumb be on top or to the side, on and on and on. 🙂

    You have a great approach to things, so I’d love to quit guessing and get my hands on the club properly (Woods and Irons).



  4. SnowDale

    I call this the Ryan Moore drill. Remember a couple years ago when he hurt his hand or wrist, and he was using the drill because it was easy on his injury. Then his caddie said, “Why don’t you swing this way all the time?” So he did for a while.

  5. Jim Sims

    I had seen this before but it came at just the right time last week. I took it to the course and got my swing back on track. Thanks. JIM

    • Monte Scheinblum

      Jim brings up an excellent point. We all know a lot of info we need to play good golf, but sometimes we need to be reminded of the obvious…myself definitely included. We have gotten into the bad habit of grinding on so many complicated swing thoughts that don’t matter, we forget the important simple ones…another good topic for a blog post.

  6. Ryan


    What do you think of the following training aid? What training aid’s out there would you recommend?

    Thinking of buying a “swing fan” as well…any good?


    • Monte Scheinblum

      I never bash something I have never seen or used before, but it has been my experience that training aids are at best, not helpful and at worst, harmful.

      The only training aids I approve of are ones that help you with your alignment when you are hitting balls on the range. You can pick up a couple of dowel rods at the hardware store for under $1 each.

      I do not like the swing fan. Anything that messes with your feel is bad, IMO.


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