My swings at the national long drive

First, this is not near the swing I used in tournament play.

I want to ask two questions.

What does it tell you that I criticize my swing that made me a lot of money?

Who better to listen to about the evils of lag and early out of sync hip turn than someone who created massive lag and a hip turn that nearly started before the back swing was finished?

I am posting these videos for a few reasons.

1. One, it helps me relive my former glory. 🙂

2. It shows you what lag I used to generate, how much I used to lead with my lower body and that I really do know from experience how hard it is to control all of that and that is why I am saying it’s bad. These swings are so out of sync because my hips cleared too early. I had to play the ball behind the middle of my stance because the club was stuck so far behind me. Sure the speed and power is tremendous, but I had to hit nothing but wedges for about two weeks just to get ready for Q-school.

Look at how narrow my arc was on the down swing and how underneath the plane. When I didn’t time it perfectly I hit the ball way right, with so much spin, that the ball went nowhere…and how do you hit a soft, distance controlled wedge while adding lag on the way down with the hips leading and causing that much torque. I’ll say it again, I hope no one wants to suggest using two completely different swings for a driver and a wedge.

It’s fun to watch, but it proves my point about lag and leading with the lower body. On paper it does create more speed, but consistency and touch on short iron and wedge play is non-existent…and so is consistency when it comes to driver distance and accuracy. Forget about trajectory control. The physics are correct that delaying the release and leading with the lower body causes more torque and speed, but the reality is only a small few have the physical ability to do this…obviously I am one of the few…and I would rather do everything more in sync be more consistently long, straighter and be able to hit the wedge close after the 300 yard drive.

Redundancy…who better than me to know that too much lag and an early hip turn are bad for your game?







  1. suddy

    How did you get shorter? Just kidding

  2. B. Kozel

    Monty, you look like Nick Faldo in his hay-day on the slo-mo !

  3. Rick Wackerfuss

    where are the cargos and kid spit t-shirt? thanks for posting. really enjoy your thoughts and stories. i’m roughly your age and got a later start with the family and can appreciate your before and after life. keep up the good work.

  4. meateater

    Why would it be so terrible to use a different swing for the driver and wedge? They already have differences in setup, ball position, contact point,e tc. No one seems to think it is terrible to use a different swing for a knockdown shot or a flop or a bunker explosion. It seems to me to be logical to swing differently for a driver and a wedge. What am I missing?

    • Monte Scheinblum

      The differences you are talking about are dictated by ball position, length of club and posture. The dynamics of the swing are relatively the same. That’s why you have different ball positions, so you can keep the swings relatively the same with different length clubs with different lofts.

      I am talking about two completely different sets of timing and hand actions when you try and lag one and subtle release the other…then which swing do you use with 5 iron…the lag swing or the easy release swing? Where do you cut one off from the other? What about different lies? Does every club need a different amount of added lag or delayed the release?

      That is not good for a PGA Tour player. How would it be for a 10-15 handicap that plays once a week and hits a bucket of balls on Thursday?

      Apples and Oranges comparison.

      All of that is actually beside the point. Adding lag/delaying the release only works if you have the ability to do it in the first place…and then you aren’t supposed to add any, you will do your maximum automatically with a proper release.

      The point is not to add lag or delay the release on purpose…unless you can do it and are competing for a world long drive title.

      • meateater

        Thanks Monte, you make a good point. I agree that trying to add or deduct lag artificially is a disaster waiting to happen.

        A guy I know who is a 90+ hacker went to the golf school of one of the biggest name gurus. First thing they told him was he was casting, losing his angle and needed to delay his release. Of course, he still can’t play and is now obsessed with delaying his release.

        • Monte Scheinblum

          I hate hearing that. Makes me sick.

          That’s like telling someone who hits an over the top slice to take an extremely strong grip to combat the slice.

          Swing issues, like arguments in marriage, are almost never about the issue, but some buried deeper. I think i will write a post about that. 🙂

  5. B. Kozel

    Monty, I’m really liking all the videos,keep it up. After reviewing them I hope it will stop me from hitting behind the ball on my mid-irons. By stopping all this hype on lag and using your spine turn , I hope it will help me with this problem. I’m sure this casting of the club is a problem for alot of people. Maybe you could do a video on this subject. What do you think?

  6. geoff duncan

    That’s good balance for swinging that hard.


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