Pre-shot routine.

A pre-shot routine is fine, a pre-shot circus is not. A routine is: figure out what shot to hit, take a practice swing, setup and hit it.

A pre-shot routine is something to get you into a good place to hit the shot. Something that creates structure to calm you so you can do your swing automatically. Like your routine driving to work or taking a shower. You do those without thinking, that is the point. The shorter the routine is and the fewer steps it has, the easier it is to repeat.

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  1. Wally

    Great post. I have yet to see anyone hit the ball on the green on a par 3 after using one of those stupid gps or range finders

  2. Steve Bishop

    I think the routine should be short and with few elements, but each element needs to have a purpose. I have had a routine for years where I stand behind the ball figuring out my shot then starting to visualize it. Then I step to the side of the ball, take my appropriate grip for the shot I’ve selected. I will close the clubface in my hands for a draw or open it for a fade. Then I take a couple of practice swings really trying to feel what the swing should feel like for that particular shot. If it’s a fade then I want to finish with a fade finish. Then I also like to take a practice swing with my eyes closed to really help me FEEL the swing. Then I place the clubface behind the ball square or slightly left/right of my target depending on the shot. Then set my feet relative to the CLUBFACE. Finally I just pull the trigger.

    Aside from the multitude of swing thoughts people have when they get ready to swing, I think the next biggest problem people have is readjusting to the target after stepping up to the ball. Set the face, then set your feet, and swing.

  3. Fred Finch

    Well, I know you are being facetious, however your video just depicted a 1 minute and 45 second pre-shot routine. I am not sure where you are playing at currently, but i have never seen one of these types of tedious pre-shot routines you are describing, or even close. I think you need to join a private country club! We, and everyone else at my club, play in about 3.5 hours, no problem, 4 hours maximum with a fivesome! Just not sure your video here is truly relevent.


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