Peter Kostas is a moron…

has no idea what he is talking about and I hope someone forwards this blog to him.

He has neglected to notice the dive in Tiger’s head for 2+ years now. Someone else pointed it out to him at some point, because he mentioned it during an analysis just now.

When Tiger hit his tee shot on the par 3 8th, he dove, got stuck and flipped it long and left.

Pete Kostas then says…”He is keeping his head beautifully still and his arms are free, it was just a misclub.”

Hey dummy, ever thought of putting a finger on your monitor while watching the slow mo and see that Tiger’s head dropped a good 6-8 inches on that swing.


Well, Peter just did it again. He just made comments of a slow mo for a swing Tiger hit way right. He went on and on about nothing for 30 seconds, using misdirection and tecnobabble to say absolutely nothing about why the club face came in wide open.

Then, he gave props to Tiger for rolling the right ankle into the ground on the great 5 iron he hit…which is also incorrect…rolling the right ankle into the ground is a result of being stuck, not turning hard with the lower body and using the hands and arms to square the club.

Tiger is awesome and practices so hard so he can do these things, but Kostas is doing the golf public a disservice by praising all of this. If anyone tries to copy anything Tiger is doing right now, they will have to quit the game shortly thereafter.

Today is proof of Tiger’s greatness and also of Kostas’ stupidity.

PS-He won’t win the PGA driving it this bad.




  1. meateater

    I have long thought that Peter Kostis is one of the bigger morons onTV. His “expert” commentary and swing analysis seem to consist of random thoughts that pop into his head. The fact that he is considered a top instructor is frightening and shows you just how dangerous it is to select a teacher or swing coach. And if a guy this terrible and clueless is on TV, just think about the odds of getting a local pro who can actually help you.

    • Monte Scheinblum

      Meateater, you have just so eloquently stated my exact position on both counts.

  2. Shallowface

    If memory serves, Tiger wouldn’t do interviews with Kostis for a couple of years because Tiger thought Kostis was too critical of his swing.

    I noticed a few weeks back that Tiger did an interview with Kostis, so Kostis isn’t going to do or say anything to fall from Tiger’s good graces.

    The fawning over Tiger makes me sick. There’s no denying his greatness, and there’s no denying that he makes some spectacular mistakes. He is the greatest recovery player and putter of all time, but it bothers me that there’s a whole generation of kids out there copying that swing because some brown nosing announcer tells them that he has perfect technique.

    If analysts can’t (or won’t) do honest analysis, the networks might as well save the money and air the tournaments with no announcers.

    Now there’s an idea.

    • Monte Scheinblum

      I don’t understand why you can’t criticize his swing and regale in his greatness at the same time. I find it very easy to take that position.

      If Tiger didn’t do interviews with Kostas because of that, then shame on Tiger, but Kostas butchers the analysis of every other player’s swing too.

  3. Ron Bradley

    I totally agree about Kostas – his remarks about swing analysis are worse than stupid – he obviously has no knowledge of physics or mechanics – these people are selected by friends, not talent – Nantz and Lerner are two other glaring examples of big talk and no substance. People like Feherty, Faldo and Miller are a joy to hear. They have been there and done that. They are superb golfers and we learn from them. The fawning over Tiger is a joke. Tiger and Rory lower their heads dramatically at the top of the back swing and then contort their bodies as they strike the ball in this lowered position. They crouch and spring from the top of the backswing. This is just pure athleticism and produces marginal speed improvements at the clubhead. But when things go wrong the analysis of the contortions is too complex to figure out. Tiger blames his “swing” rather than himself just like a race driver blames his engine. So he is always working on getting his new swing perfected. In my opinion the very rapid acceleration of his head at impact (millions of events), as he strikes the ball and rapidy raises his lowered head to the normal position, has damaged his brain slightly. Therefore he cannot return to the amazing level of skill that he had 10 years ago. Rory should learn from this and stop lowering his head – it makes the swing too complex and there is too much to go wrong.


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