For everyone who disagrees with me on Tiger.

How can you watch that tee shot he just hit on 18…and for that matter, any tee shot he hits 60 YARDS RIGHT and not agree that head dive is a problem?

That was his 3-wood, his bread and butter.

He is making everything today. Birdies from the other fairway on a par 5. Having to get up and down from 225.

There is one thing I can’t figure out. How he can dive that bad and hit all of these great shots?

Wait, he makes everything and gets up and down from everywhere.

…and he might hole this bunker shot on 18…just to prove my point.




  1. Banner 12

    Tiger can hit it OK with the head drop and rise when he times it correctly and he has great timing, but when his timing is off you can see what can happen. It is a move that is so fundamentally wrong that adds nothing so one wonders why he hasn’t tried to fix it.

    • Monte Scheinblum

      I saw him dive in the past, but it is much worse now and he is not turning his lower body as well and that makes it easier to dive and get stuck.


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