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This is a website I came across recently and think it’s a great idea. I emailed with the owner and I think he has a good vision to expand this project. I am looking forward to when it hits Southern California. This is not an advertisement, as I am not being paid, I just like the idea and think many of you could get some use out of it. Here is a general explanation of the benefits.

Recession Yields Unique Play Opportunities for Regional Golfers

As businesses of all sizes pursue layoffs and salary cuts, Americans are limiting personal spending. Casualties of this belt-tightening include vacation travel, pricey dinners and…the private country club membership. Once associated with waiting lists and high initiation fees, the private club business model is undergoing change. Unable to woo new members and losing existing members, private clubs are embracing new and creative marketing partners. is one such partner. Launched in June, is an online, membership marketing company that works exclusively with private clubs. Using a patented web platform, allows country clubs to generate revenue and engage potential members through the controlled sale of unused tee times. Using’s player screening controls, participating clubs can target the sale of tee times to golfers of a particular geography, club affiliation and/or handicap. With over 50% of all tee times going unused, this now gives clubs new ways to court new members and broaden the appeal of their club while having no impact on their members.

The response from clubs has been overwhelmingly positive. Since its launch, has partnered with over 50 private clubs from 10 states and 3 major golf associations. is designed to be very respectful of the private club experience and to give clubs exposure to new members.

Golfers are also embracing the innovative service. Not only is offering golfers unprecedented play opportunities, but also creative ways of pursuing business development. A unique feature of the platform is for their members to make requests. Requests for play go to the courses using the platform as well as members of that course who belong to For example, if I would like to request a tee time for two people to one of the courses using then this request goes to both the course and any members of that course who belong to A true social network! Unlike public tee time aggregators,’s communication is bi-directional and members of country clubs can post tee times to host other members of Therefore, the network grows very fast. So if you look at and don’t see a course close to your location, do not fear. As country club members join, you now have play opportunities.

Whether you are looking for new friends, new play opportunities or better reciprocity, check out as there are opportunities for every golfer. Boxgroove’s popularity with golfers has allowed it to grow to over 500 members from 16 states in a matter of months, with more enrolling daily.

For more information about, including video testimonials and a directory of participating clubs, visit



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