Gee, I wonder why Tiger’s release is sometimes late?

I am sorry, this is terrible. This is exactly what I am talking about when I say trying too hard to do the right things. If you slow down a swing with a good release frame by frame, those are the positions a proper release will hit. Telling people to hit those positions on purpose is impossible and ridiculous. How quickly would you get into a car accident if I told you to keep the left front wheel a constant 23″ from the left lane line? That is modern golf instruction. Just keep the dang car in between the lines…sheesh!!!!!!




  1. Nigel

    I do not like Haney as an instructor at all and he comes across as an arrogant jackass, at least he does to me, but quite honestly I do not see anything wrong with this. All he is doing is explaining what a proper release is. The vast majority of amateur golfers do not know a good release from a hole in the ground, so I see this video as an explanation, not a how-to guide. Sure, if he said that the first position was required at 1.57 seconds of the downswing, followed by rotation the left wrist 19.4 degrees perpendicular to the plane blah blah blah, then sure, it would be ridiculous.

    This guy has tried to turn Tiger Woods into a poor copy of Mark O`Meara and can you tell me just what did he achieve with Charles Barkley on that idiotic TV show? I do not believe this guy could teach breathing to a newborn baby, but I don`t see the problem with this specific video. Of course, this might be the first video I`ve seen of his that wasn`t idiotic.

    Maybe I`m being too simplistic in my interpretation. Explain to me why this simple explanation gets you so riled up and maybe I`ll understand.

    • Monte Scheinblum

      I totally agree about arrogant and trying to turn Tiger into Mark O’meara

      Here is the difference between what I said about the release and what this video said. I spoke about the release as a general process. Linking an early release from the top in conjunction with your turn.

      In this video, Haney tells people to put the back of their hand and wrist in an exact position and I have seen people on the range putting their hands in that exact position and contriving a swing to get it there.

      It comes back to semantics. You don’t teach people what positions to hit, you teach them general fundamentals and to eliminate excess movements and they will hit those positions automatically.

      That is my philosophy.

      Edited: Like Will said below, what if your grip is strong or weak, putting your hand in that exact psoiton will be a disaster, unless the grip is exactly the same as Haney’s. Awful I say.

  2. Will

    My only issue with this info is that everyone dosen’t play with a weak neutral grip; it’s too general and assumes too much. Wouldn’t having the back of the left hand facing the target cause hooks for someone with a stronger grip?

    • Monte Scheinblum

      Will, you’re the man. Great point and exactly what I am talking about. You teach what a proper release is, not where your hand is supposed to end up. Thank you for helping me make my point with a wonderful example.

  3. Golf Addict


    nice comment. Lets keep the golf swing simple…like driving a car. Don’t think…just keep it between the lines.

  4. TonyK

    People might see this video and get the wrong impression that all you have to do is put your left wrist in that position and you’ll have executed the proper release. That would be wrong for the majority of us. The proper release comes from properly turning your body, shoulder and arms on the downswing.


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