No one is immune to being stupid with their golf swing.

I spent 3 hours struggling on the range yesterday trying to get comfortable with the swing that I think can take me to the next level.

It feels good, it’s not under the plane and it hits the ball well when I commit to it.

However, I seemed to back at square one yesterday and it was awful. I spent 3 hours trying to get it back down the line that I have been flirting with for about 2 weeks now…and just kept getting stuck underneath.

Low and behold when I was about to call it a day and go home, it dawned on me that I am still reverting on a setup issue that throws a monkey wrench into the “new swing.”

My body wants to setup with open shoulders at address. I wrote an article about it several weeks ago and it was something I had trouble with last Monday.

Having a square stance and a square club face with open shoulders creates all sorts of bad things for me. So after 3 hours of struggling and trying out all sorts of stupid feels and movements, I squared my shoulders.

Two perfect 9-irons, three perfect drivers, 5 perfect LW’s and a perfect called 4-iron on my last shot.

I am going to get my son’s coloring easel and write 1000 times…

“I will not be a hypocrite with my own game. It starts with the setup. Butterfly Effect…YOU MORON!!!!!!!!!” LOL 😀




  1. Bob

    Posts like this are why I check this site out most days. Thanks Monte!

  2. Walter

    Great post.
    This may seem unrelated, but a really great electrician always has the “code book” in front of him.

  3. Dan


    Glad you fixed this. I had this problem the other day, and I also noticed if I didn’t have my eyeline square to the target line it would end up influencing my shoulders to follow in the downswing. By figuring out my shoulders weren’t square and my eyeline wasn’t square I was getting all kinds of bad shots (of course I only figure this out towards the end of a bucket). Oh well, this always stresses that the most boring of things of all, the set-up, are the most important.

  4. Hank

    thats golf for you, by the way,,,is your name Monte, or Moron….j/k….lol

  5. hackgolfer

    How do you have a square stance with open shoulders?

    • hackgolfer

      Square stance pertains to the lower body?

      • Monte Scheinblum

        Yes. My feet were/are square, but my shoulders are open, probably making my hips out of line as well.

  6. kbp

    I would describe that as aimed LEFT (the shoulders setting the aim) with a CLOSED stance (the feet relative to the shoulders) which would have my “on plane” swing starting the ball left of target (parallel to shoulders) and hooking further left from the closed feet. To hit the ball to the real target I would be forced to approach the ball under plane to hit it out to the right, just as you described.

  7. meateater


    Maybe you should go down and work with Hank Haney for a while. He’s got some free time I understand. Look how he helped Tiger, Barkely and Ray Ramano.

  8. Texhacker

    If it makes you feel any better i have the same problem. i go to the range and I know something isn’t right but can’t seem to figure it out. So i try all kinds of stupid feels and movements. then it’s usually when I get home that it dawns on me what i was doing wrong but it’s too late then. I guess when iget to your level I’ll have that aha moment as I finish at the range instead of at home.


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