I have seen instructors everywhere and the gurus on the Golf Channel telling people to lag the club. People on ranges all over America are trying to lag the club extra amounts on their practice swings. You’ve seen it, starting practice downswings by burying it inside and artificially reducing the angle in the wrists while pulling the hands at the ball.

I think this is terrible. What it does to most people is get them narrowing their downswings by sucking their arms and hands into their body to add the lag.

This is a place you can’t recover from. Take it from my personal experience. A golf swing is almost always about avoiding the bad things, rather than trying to do the right things. If you turn your shoulders and don’t grab the club with your right hand (for right handed golfers) and throw it at the ball, you will create the amount of lag that your personally are supposed to have.

Trying to create lag artificially will give you the blocks and maybe even the shanks.

If you don’t know what any of this means…perfect, you just avoided something that would have given you a problem.



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