I just have to start playing golf and not golf swing

I quit golf for all of 2009, spent all of 2010 swinging the wrong way on purpose to learn what caused what…and starting in 2011, rebuilding my swing from scratch with only about 5-10 hours of practice a month and not playing hardly at all, no more than one to two times a month.

Not an excuse, my game just wasn’t a priority, as I was trying to make other people better and using myself as a Guinea pig.

Well, the last few months I have started to make myself more of a priority. More practice and more golf (still not enough…yet) and here is where I am.

I don’t think I can do much better than what you see below, now it’s about getting past 6 years (2003-2008) of horrific golf, followed by 6 years (2010-2015) of playing golf swing.

3 things I need to fix:

1. 10-100 yard distance control. It’s good by +3 handicap standards, it’s not good enough by Tour standards.
2. Trusting I can setup left on a left to right putt and know I am not going to pull it after 35 years of doing so.
3. Setting up and hitting the ball at a target (fairway or pin) with the swing I brought that day instead of being a hypocrite and playing golf swing after each missed shot. I hound all my students about this.

There is only one way to fix any or all of these things: Play golf, play meaningful golf, play tournament golf.

Knowing what elite golf is and looks like, if I can conquer any 2 of the 3 above, I will have success.

For those of you you care about how far these went and numbers…

The 6 irons I was hitting were 190-195 yards, path 2-4 right, angle of attack down 3-4*.

The drivers were 118-125 mph, ball speed 175-184, path 0-4 right and angle of attack up 3-4. I’d like aoa to not to be so up, as it causes some heel shots, but that should sort itself out. The long was a 320+ carry.











  1. david

    Swing is looking really good Monty

  2. Jake G


  3. Jon S

    Let us know when you start teeing it up in tournaments so we can come watch!

  4. Bill Tuck


    You mention swinging the wrong way on purpose and then then building from scratch. It would also have been interesting if you had intentionally tried to think the wrong way on purpose and then rebuilt your mental game. Obviously now is not the time for that, but it would have been cool to see you take your ability to understand and simplify golf but apply it purely to the mental side.

  5. Kieron

    In another life, one quote helped me. ” I’ve always been able to live with failure, but I’ve never been able to live with not doing the best that I could”

    You’re a winner Monte. Do the best you can!

  6. Jack Flatley

    Driver swing looks great, sure would like to see the entire swing in a instructional vid like the short game and bounce vid. Best of luck in your quest.

  7. Tim Regnier

    Can’t wait Monte, the other videos have been amazing.


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