Golf Robs Otherwise Intelligent People of 90% of Their Analytical Skills

All you can do is be better than you are.

Remember that the next time you are upset with yourself over not being able to clone Adam Scott’s swing and shoot 59.

I see so many people comparing their swings to pros or some arbitrary standard of correct.

I see people improve from a 50 yard slice to a 20 yard cut and respond, “It’s still slicing.”

A guy who is topping nearly every shot, hits one a groove low to 10 feet, then waxes poetic about how it’s thin as he lowers his head in shame.

Mid handicappers slamming clubs at results superior to the PGA Tour average from that distance.

The above is not only the norm, it’s universal…is obtuse a strong enough criticism?

All you can do is to try and be better than you are now.





  1. Mel

    Yeah, but I am THIS close to shooting 59.

  2. Kurt

    Just happened to me last week…guy i’m with slices every shot way right..hits one slightly thin to 5 ft on a par 3 and was pissed he thinned it….I just chuckled and i’m pretty sure he wasn’t happy about said chuckle lol.

  3. Pat

    Lou Holtz started playing golf because it was a way for football coaches to glad-hand potential donors. He eventually became good enough at the game to lie about how good he really is.

    Still, the best advice the former Notre Dame football coach received about golf sobered his expectations. It came from former television golf analyst John Derr, who invited Holtz to play at Pinehurst during Holtz’s days at North Carolina State.

    “I hadn’t been playing long, and I was playing poorly,” Holtz said Thursday at Saucon Valley Country Club. “I yelled and hollered and threw my clubs. “I’ll never forget it. Johnny said, ‘I see the great golfers every week. I’ve watched you for eight holes. I want to tell you something. You’re not good enough to get mad. You’re a bad golfer. The minute you understand that, you’ll enjoy the game.’

    “And I haven’t lost my temper since.”


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