Tomorrow’s post will be epic.

I have basically taken this year off from tournament golf to get my game straight after 5-6 years of terrible play. I have spent this year trying to undo what all of the complicated methods have done to disrupt my natural ability to play the game at a high level.

Writing this blog has been part of my quest for this simplification. I have thrown some of theories out there and listened to what you readers have to say.

I have simplified the golf swing down to three simple elements that are universal and one very complicated goal that will be different for each individual.

Tell your friends because everyone, even if you disagree with me on some points, will get something simple from tomorrow’s post that will help their golf game.

Until then, some fluff. I can’t wait for the President’s Cup.

I don’t have quite the fondness I do for the Ryder Cup, but I wait all year for this event.

I was 12 when the US Olympic Hockey Team beat the Soviets and still to this day I get an emotional rush hearing Al Michaels’ call of Mike Eruzione’s Goal.

It was always my dream to compete in the Olympics for the USA and since I became a golfer it was to play in the Ryder Cup. In recent years the Presidents Cup has become almost as fun for me to watch.

If you asked me if I could make a putt to win a major, or the Ryder Cup, call me crazy, but I would take Justin Leonard’s putt over Phil’s putt at the Masters any day and it’s not close.

Give me the choice between making the winning putt in the President’s Cup and a major…it’s close, but call me crazy again.

There is something about drenching your teammates in champagne like they do at the World Series and golf team matches. That looks a lot more fun than sitting in your room, by yourself and sleeping with the Wanamaker Trophy or Claret Jug.

Call me crazy.




  1. Keith

    You’re crazy.

    (you asked for it)

    I am one of those people that enjoys team golf more than singles events as well. I think that’s because I grew up playing team sports.

  2. Nigel

    For me The Ryder Cup is the biggest golf event period. Given the chance to just play in The Ryder Cup or win a major, I`d take the Ryder Cup berth every single time. As I`m English, maybe I`d get to play you in the singles!

    • Monte Scheinblum

      Welcome Nigel. It’s nice to know I am not the only one who loves the team competition more. I believe The European’s feel as you and I do and that is why they have chapped the American’s hide so often in recent years.

  3. Nigel

    I agree 100% with that. The Ryder Cup is HUGE in Europe.

    On a different note, I like your ideas on golf teaching a lot, as I think I teach from a very similar place. As a teaching pro, I`ve spent a lot of time shaking my head at all the crap coming from the big name instructors. I think each of them started well, but the pressure to reinvent the game every 6 months for new DVDs and books, or to attract tour players with fancy words and shiny promises, made them become more and more idiotic. My philosophy is based on that of Jim Flick.

    “Golf is a game that should be taught on an individual basis with consideration for each student’s physical and emotional strengths and weaknesses. Golf should be taught as an athletic endeavor with the player selecting an instrument to put the ball into the target area to record the lowest possible score – not trying to build the perfect swing.”

    • Monte Scheinblum

      You and I are definitely of the same mind. I have been very critical of the big names for reinventing systems to sell books and DVD’s…then have had to back track. e.g. Jim Mclean’s X-factor.


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