I am thrilled about Phil’s new/old “method”…

because it is exactly what I am trying to do. This is going to sound a little like spin to justify my wrongness, but I already posted that I made a boo boo.

Whenever you make a change, it is uncomfortable…because it’s a change. It also looks contrived to the trained eye…because you are forcing something to happen to retrain muscle memory.

All that being said, I am trilled to hear that Phil is trying to go back to the way he used to do things and that he is having huge success with it. As I am typing this he has 7 consecutive one putts.

I am also trying to get back to the way I used to do things before guru “methods” caused me so many problems.

Which brings me to the way golf should be taught. Using what you do well already as a base…not changing what one does to fit an arbitrary “correct” way of doing things according to what some big name guru says.

This should work from the worst beginner, all the way up to the best player int he world.




  1. torpet

    On doing your own thing. What’s your take on the swing of Jeev Milka Sing! To my untrained eye it looks as if he takes the club back to a position from which he cannot do anything but either cutting it or pulling it. Obviously he doesn’t cause he’s very straight and long (no power leaks there). I cannot see that he is doing any ‘extra’ move to get the club on the inside like Furyk or Perry. So – how does he do it?

    PS TW lowered his body more than I’ve seen earlier yesterday. Is that an indication on being under pressure? He almost sat down for a moment. It is just that ‘his thing’ doesn’t seem to work.

    • Monte Scheinblum

      I put JMS in the category of Jim Furyk. They found a way to square the club in an unusual way. I hit balls next to him at Q-school one year and couldn’t help but notice that funky move. I wouldn’t teach that to anyone, but if I was teaching him, I wouldn’t mess with it too much, if at all. If you changed one thing in that swing, it would throw the whole thing off and would be a complete rebuilding process…and you all know what I think of that.

      You will see in the post tomorrow. There is only one position you need to hit and it doesn’t matter how you get there. When Tiger dives, he doesn’t get there. JMS gets there quite often and that is why he is so straight.


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