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I apologize this isn’t the exciting news that I told you about a few days ago, but it is a sign I am gaining some relevance. I got my first piece of hate mail. 🙂 I can only discern three things from this correspondence. This individual is a proponent of Natural Golf, his reading comprehension is as sharp as a cue ball and I shan’t be receiving a Christmas Card from him. Below is a comment that was posted under the Moe Norman swing analysis and if you wish to agree or disagree, here is the link.


Yes, Mr. Scheinblum, we have our opinions. But, maybe you should consider the science/physics of the golf swing before you attempt to shut off “debate” because no one wins. I believe that you don’t know as much as you would have us believe. Moe was the greatest (straightest, pure backspin) ball striker ever by age 19, winning the Canadian Amateur Championship twice in his mid-twenties. As Lee Trevino said, “he would have won them all (majors).” He was the only golfer ever tested by Titleist whose shots had no sidespin. Now well past your prime, I submit that you could only wish to have been as good a ball striker. Moe’s swing well into his thirties was longer than the video(at about age 60) you have and above his right shoulder at the top of the backswing. You state that we should copy what all the great players have in common. So you are not against teaching others what great players do. So why can’t I copy Moe? Because he doesn’t look like other great players, NONE of whom hit it straight as Moe? Maybe I should copy what these great players have in common: Furyk, Couples, Hubert Green, Trevino, Gay Brewer, Miller Barber, Hogan, Palmer, Nicklaus, Snead, Nelson and all of those guys who have so much in common. By the way, Moe also held the club better than anyone, in what is the optimum way to hit a ball resting on the ground with a stick, because there is PROVABLE less rotation of the club head through the impact zone. But, that might be too complicated you to understand, Mr. S, as you continue to copy that great golfing scientist of 125 years ago, Harry Vardon. His finger grip must be the best, since everyone (except Moe) has copied him for the last 125 years. And, Mr. Lavery, there are many who use Moe’s grip and hit it farther than he ever did.




  1. radioman

    Greetings Monte,

    I think that all this guy remembers from your “Moe” blog is this:
    “Unless you are a short, squatty guy who plans on hitting literally millions of balls” ….
    I dunno, maybe he has a point?


    • Monte Scheinblum

      I was very clear that my point was not to criticize Moe, I have great respect for how hard he worked and how great he was. I am criticizing swing systems.

      • radioman


        I don’t think that this fella is annoyed because he thinks you criticized Moe.
        I think he is angry cuz by association he feels you called him some sort of a troll,
        and also a person who is foolish enough to follow this swing system.
        Surely, I agree whole heartedly with the comments you made in the Moe blog.
        By all means, I totally enjoy your ideas and rationale, and would encourage you
        to “keep on truckin” just the way you have been.
        Your video describing personal limits as to how much shoulder turn/rotation an
        individual should use, was superb. Indeed, it has helped me hit the ball further
        and straighter, immediately. Of course, in my mind’s eye, your advice made me
        look more like Tiger woods than Moe Norman.

        • Monte Scheinblum

          This is a response to radioman.

          If he took it that way, it was not my intention at all. No one who adopts a swing system is a troll. I have repeatedly stated that I was a “victim” as well. I want everyone to play better golf, but more importantly have more fun and I don’t think adopting a swing system is the answer.

          I try not to take myself too seriously anymore and I encourage others to do the same. Adopting and grinding on a dogmatic approach is not the path to that goal.

  2. ric

    Lets all get real, this guy is a few eggs short of a dozen.
    didn’t his momma teach him if you got nothing good to say keep your pie hole shut?
    if this guy wants to push Natural golf he can write his own blog, otherwise he needs to cut back on the caffiene, get his pants on, leave his grandmas basement and take a few Paxil.
    I love reading your blog!

  3. B. Kozel

    Monty, don’t let one persons opinion ruin it for everyone else. After finding your blog on GEA, I’ve gotten rid of all the other so called experts videos on my computer. Keep up the good work!

    • Monte Scheinblum

      Don’t worry Kozel, I am not changing any time soon. 🙂

      • B. Kozel

        That’s what I want to here! Thanks again.

  4. craig

    Hate (as in mail) is a strong word, Mr. S. I respect your efforts to unlock the secrets. Disagreement is a better word. However, I doubt that a holiday card from me would top the excitement you have already experienced from my earlier response. You’re very welcome. I would submit that my comprehension of your message is at least as sharp as a railroad spike. You have clearly stated that we “should be finding out what all great players have in common and that is what we should be looking to” (copy?) AND that “we should NOT be copying the movements of other people.” Quite confusing to me. What do the great players I mentioned above have in common? You’ve said balance, rhythm. I would add the finger grip and consistency through impact. Certainly not body type or body movement. The swings of these players are as different as they are numerous. BUT, I shouldn’t copy them you’ve said, because MY way is the only way that matters, right? It is my perception that great players of a similar body type (there are only 3 primary body types) have very different swings. Therefore, I submit that body type has much less to do with body motion than you believe. I propose that we should search not for right or wrong ways, but for better ways. Moe did discover a better way of gripping the club…which is finding its way onto the PGA tour, because it improves the ball striking of those who stumble upon it, though the players don’t understand why. And, though you don’t have to look like Moe, you can use his grip and his single axis, single plane swing and achieve the “ideal mechanical advantage.” Check it out…it’s simple science. Happy Holidays!


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