How to improve your golf game…

…from what you see on this blog. I have written many times that you are not to take everything I write on this blog and implement it.

I relay my ideas on how to simplify things, say many of the same things in different ways and your are supposed to pick out the very few things that make great sense to you and you find easy to integrate into your game. Here is an example from one reader.


You write, “All of these things have another thing in common. Implementing them is a disaster.”

So, you must wonder, “Does what I write help people golf a WHOLE LOT BETTER, and enjoy golf a whole lot more:”?

For me, YES. The Monte theory that I like has maybe 6 parts (three mechanical, three conceptual):

1) Release from the top
2) Everything turns together (which for me means, don’t think of the swing as upper body, lower body)
3) Core exercises could be beneficial
4) Everyone’s swing doesn’t have to look the same
5) everyone’s feel, body and thought processes are different.
6) people’s physical condition, flexibility & suppleness (as well as build) define their capability

“Release from the top” might be a sticking point for some–but it’s no different than what another guru teaches, “drop and turn.” For me, it’s not activating my hands at the top of the backswing, but letting them respond to other forces.

You don’t hear about Aaron Oberholzer anymore, but when he was around, he did a Golf Channel Playing Lesson, and he said, “Your hands are just there to hang on to the club.” And, it’s not very different from what Zuback says, “Leave your hands at the top.”

To me, all these are saying pretty much the same thing.



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    As for the champions tour. I never watch them.


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