HOLY COW!!!!!!

After posting the video of Ben Crane’s slow pre-shot routine, Someone sent me a link to this video.

When I say this is ridiculous, I could not come up with a better word that wasn’t profane. This video is exactly what I am talking about when I say there is so much garbage out there to sift through in the golf media.

GIVE ME A BREAK BUDDY…are you trying to make golf play 6 hours on purpose?

To make it even more excruciating, the intro to the video in long and stupid, you might want to move the time cursor to 45 seconds.

The second video is going to be “6 minutes of your life you will never get back,” but is a perfect example of a golf guru adding unnecessary thoughts to our heads to sell videos…and slow down play for everyone.






  1. Greg

    Could the guy talk any slower? Can you imagine being behind some guys who follow this guys routine?


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