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Just like most things in the golf swing, the amount of handset that is correct for you personally will happen all by itself if you don’t do something to prevent it.

Golfers going back “low and slow,” “widening the arc,” or even purposely trying to keep their wrists from cocking so they can create lag on the downswing (float loading…or load shifting as my German friends call it), end up with under set hands.

Those trying to create more “forced lag” by cocking the wrists as much as possible, or trying to get their swings all the way to parallel when they don’t make a big enough shoulder turn, are two ways to over set the hands…or set the hands too deep.

Most measure the handset angle by the angle the shaft and the left arm (for right handed golfer) create.

Steve Stricker has about a 90* angle and I am sorry to say those that criticize this because of it’s lack of lag and power…don’t know what they are talking about. Stricker may or may not hit the ball farther if his angle was smaller, but his swing is so efficient, criticism of his swing on this subject shows how much the lag junkies have taken over the the golf instruction industry.

Like I say in the video, there is a wide area of acceptable handset. I think it is around 70-90* depending on the individual.

Guess what, this entire passage is technical mumbo jumbo that is all about explaining a concept and is painfully unimportant except for as a guide to understand what you should be doing naturally.

If you have a good setup, a nice medium constant grip pressure, a proper shoulder turn and your backswing stops when your shoulder turn stops…you will create the perfect amount of handset for you. That’s what Sticker does and his is my favorite swing on the Tour right now.




  1. Peter Balogh

    Cmon none say loadshifting that sound like something you do in the bathroom LOL

    • banchiline

      I think you are spot on Monte . It’s better done without trying to manipulate the wrist set .

      Keep it coming


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