Good Grief Charlie Brown.

I liken the modern amateur golfers to Charlie Brown and most golf instruction media to Lucy in video #1.

As you can see in video #2 and #3, this guy sure does know how to practice taking it back inside and burying it inside on the way down so he can swing inside/out…and look at that awesome lag/forward shaft lean he has going.

In my analogy, the over the top, hang back and cast in his swing when he hits the ball is the equivalent of Lucy pulling away the football and Charlie Brown falling on his butt. Of course he has the ultimate scratch finish. The scratch finish is when you hold and pose. The ultimate scratch finish is when you are so pure, you point the club at the target with extended arms.

This is an extreme result of what I have been talking about. Making lag the primary goal of the golf swing. Most of you have not fallen down this hard, but seeing an extreme personified can often open your eyes.

PS-He probably goes through this routine (plus stepping off yardages twice, throwing up grass and changing clubs three times) on the course before and after every shot, causing a 6 hour round. I hope he sees this blog post and videos. I don’t like soliciting to people, but I hope he comes to me, because he can’t be having fun playing like this.

Please send this to all of your friends who have fallen, or are about to fall into this trap.




  1. Keith Z.

    I feel so bad for that guy. While there are some who can make “some” progress working alone, this guy really needs a trained pair of eyes. I too hope he comes to you Monte, he would start to have so much fun on the golf course.

  2. Paul

    Don’t wait for him to come to you, give him something initially he can work on. This is painful and though I’m not a 70s shooter, I doubt I could survive 18 with this guy. I NEVER give advice–solicited or unsolicited–to fellow golfers, but I would have to make an exception in this case.

  3. s.

    Look at the bright side. In video #3, he apparently liked the shot.

    The impact position he was practicing beforehand might not have been that bad…maybe he pulled off a miracle of timing and made it happen.

    The backswing practice looked a bit like Miller Barber, but that pro was awesome on the downswing.


    • James

      wow, quite a unique swing there!

  4. will

    Looks like he’s working on the Jim Hardy, one-planer, lawnmower-pull move…

  5. Walter

    Before you guys take shots at this fellows golf swing, have a video taken of you own. You may be in for a big surprise.

    • will

      Not me. I know my swing’s ugly 🙂

  6. seveonsunday

    I like the alignment sticks in the bag…

    Most golf “pros” are like chiropractors they want your business if they told you the straight stuff you could probably do well, have fun and enjoy the game without monthly trips to them to “fix” you.

  7. dasbill

    Anybody hear all the ground then ball contact in the background. On another note he did make pretty much ball first contact. Just what I noticed.

  8. Michael

    The finish may be the best part. Falling backwards, settles himself, then makes sure he’s on his right toe and then points the club towards the target. I wouldn’t be able to contain myself, I’d have to ask him what the hell that was


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