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It sums up the problems I had as a player, is a problem for a large percentage of the golf population and what I am trying to change. Here is the quote…and it’s a good one.

…but because of all the “golf pros” I generally did not rely on what comes natural….because of all the “golf teachers” who advocate such theoretical complexities, it actually led me to think that ’simple’ had to be incorrect and promoted by someone who didn’t really understand the dynamics of the swing…a real shame and a waste of time….

This is exactly why so many of us have problems and how all of these big name instructors have sold so many books and DVD’s. We have been led to believe the golf swing and playing golf is more complicated than it is. Don’t get me wrong, it is complex, but not nearly as bad as we have been led to believe.

Here is where I stand. Hitting the golf ball straight AND solid is one of the most most difficult things there is to do in sports, so why make the process so invasive, intrusive and inclusive of every detail necessary to hit the ball PERFECT. You have a 25-40 yard wide fairway to fit an object a few inches in diameter. Same can be said for on the green and a golf ball fits in the hole a lot easier than a basketball fits in a hoop. There is a margin for error that we need to take advantage of.

The margin for error for hitting one good shot is small, but the object of golf is not to hit one perfect shot per day.

The cumulative margin for error for shooting 65 is enormous, imagine what it is for 75, 85 and 95. So let’s take advantage of that.

Here is my analogy…last years’ financial collapse not withstanding.

If you have money to invest on your own, the basic premise is to know the fundamentals of investment opportunities and diversify your money into a solid portfolio and 10 years from now, you will have more money.

…or you can have some guy with all sorts of complicated info and research tell you about investments that are going to double your money in 10 days because of details A-K from prospectus 3 on page 12. You might as well go to Vegas, find a roulette wheel and put in on red.

That is like you golf game. We have listened to all of these gurus tell us about perfecting our golf swings with all of these new aged theories, complex movements and researched details of physics and bio-mechanics so we can be perfect…and we end up the golf equivalent of broke.

Instead we should stick to some basic fundamentals and know our handicaps will be lower 6 months from now.

Well, for all of us that got waxed in the market last year, let’s worry about being better in the long term instead of betting on red…you know what, it is like the market. If we stick with fundamentals and wait out the bad times, we will all better better off in the long run instead of trying for get rich quick schemes…or quick fix “systems” for our golf games.




  1. shoot54today

    A few years ago, I did “Da Experiment”. I stopped hitting balls in November and 3-4 times/week I would go into my basement and practicing “turn and turn” with my arms folded across my chest. I would do 10 reps standing upright and in my golf posture. From that point on, through March, I never practiced and when I would play, I would go to the first tee, take 2-3 practice swings and off I would go. Many times I would catch an “emergency 9” after work and with the cold weather in NJ, I would not play sometimes for up to 2 weeks. From November through March, practicing Turn and Turn in my basement, I never shot worse than 2-over for 9 holes. I had many 9-hole rounds of even par and even a few under par. I was a golfing machine. Then……..spring arrived, I started practing outdoors again and proceeded to screw up my swing again. At the time of “Da Experiment” I was a 4-handicap.

  2. Dreamr616

    Great post, Monte! You’re absolutely right about gurus adding a level of complexity that is totally unnecessary. Maybe it’s because golfers obsess so much about getting better and so they want to soak up any and all information they can to do that. It’s funny that there is not the volume of information on how to shoot a freethrow in basketball, toss a baseball, or swing a bat. Yet most of us can do all those very naturally and well without even giving a thought behind the mechanics of it. And if we did, we’d suck at them (just like golf) … lol.

  3. peter mies

    yes is right on….I also experienced that the ‘teaching pros’ typically overlooked the fundamentals. I think they were more interested in going to the video and superimposing Tiger’s swing over mine. How dumb is that? But this was typical. Having pitched college ball I knew that major time had to be devoted to the basics. I believe this is true with all sports. This of course doesn’t sit to well with the next ‘new’ system of golf. 🙂

    • Monte Scheinblum

      Superimposing Tiger’s swing is dumb for two reasons. Your skill level and body are different and his swing has a few major flaws that none of us could get away with.

      Tiger is probably the best “player” of all time, which is all that counts, but his swing is nothing to be copied.

  4. peter mies

    yes…i would be ok with it but Tiger’s swing flaws totally screwed me up…:)


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