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I have been getting lots of videos on my website (LINK) from students who are just trying too hard to hit positions and perfect movements.

Doesn’t matter if it’s a good on plane swing, a terrible whipped inside swing, a lifted swing, a pitch, a chip, etc. There is too much tension and there is a good reason why so many of US (I include myself) have so much unnecessary and excess tension in our golf swings.

Time and time again I come back to the golfing public being inundated with systems and position golf, while we inundate each other with horrible and tired old cliches.

All of these things cause us to force and even micromanage movements and that is awful. As I said yesterday, by the time your brain is sending the info to your body to do movement #3 on a 15 step swing checklist, step 15 and the ball are long gone.

I love Tiger and other great players trying to make that saving hand manipulation to stop a hook or block. That is horrible for the average golfer to see because it makes them think these saving hand moves are possible. THEY ARE NOT. The ball is long gone. You brain cannot comprehend you are stuck, decide to save it by rolling the hands and then send the info to the hands to roll to keep the ball from going right. It is not humanly possible.

What does happen is a trained body of a world class golfer subconsciously knows what to do, well before the brain does.

All this being the case, do drills that promote natural body movements. You are all familiar with the Plane and Release by Feel drill. Below is another good one.

You body is smarter than you are, so free up your mind and allow your body to take over. I realize our bodies have to be retrained to do what is natural (nice oxymoron), but after all the ugly ideas we have implemented, that is what we have to do. However, that is a task to be performed on the range, not on the course.




  1. Wally

    can anyone explain why I am more consistant and longer off the the with my 1980 Powerbuilt persimmon driver than I am with my big bertha 454? Could it be that I know the Powerbuilt will not reward a crappy swing like the big bertha will

  2. s.

    Because you have more confidence in it.

    The 454 looks clunky to you, looks like air resistance would slow it down, looks like something that big would surely hit the ground.


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