A simple process to lower scores.

As you know, I am a proponent of working on one thing at a time with your swing. One swing thought that improves your feel and ability to fee yourself up.

I am going to add some ideas to that.

1. No grinding on alignment on the course. This slows down play and doesn’t work on the course. Grind on alignment on the range and try and recreate the feel on the course. I have no problem with simple visual aids that get you setup quickly and CLOSE to where you want to aim, but trying to aim perfectly is a battle you will never win. The object is to have manageable alignment and trying too hard to get it perfect takes your focus away from other things.

2. Limit your thinking to one swing thought that helps trigger your swing. Multiple swing thoughts are awful. Trust your body more than your brain. Your body has a better chance of hitting a solid shot on it’s own, without your brain trying to insert multiple manipulations in the split second it takes for them to happen. The action is gone before your brain has time to send the info to your body to create/fix the action.

3. Hit the shot in the general direction of where you want it to go, that will free you up. Trying to be too fine causes you to steer it. Whether it’s a drive in the fairway, iron at the pin, chip at the pin, or putt in the hole, you are better off trying to hit a solid shot in the general direction of your target, than trying to hit it through a pin hole. This goes along with alignment not having to be so exact. If all you are trying to do is hit the ball in the general direction of the target, then your alignment need not be so precise, just adequate.

The fairway, green and even the hole are bigger than the golf ball, it doesn’t have to be a perfect shot to fit in or on those things.




  1. Christian

    So you don’t like the idea that most of the psychologists suggest about aiming for a very specific target (tree, branch, etc…)? I’ve started doing this earlier this year and am finding it helpful. I think it actually helps free me up from thinking about swing mechanics since I am thinking about the target. I guess the key is not getting too concerned about whether you precisely hit the target, but I think having something to aim at is a good thing.

    • Monte Scheinblum

      Thinking about a target and trying too hard to squeeze the ball at that target are two different things.


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