Complicated/Easy vs. Easy/Complicated

I know this is semantics, but this is where I believe my approach is different than most.

I believe that most approaches are very complicated and precise, but are billed as very easy to do once you understand all of the positions, motions, physics, etc.

I happen to disagree. Knowing what your body is doing and understanding the feel of a brand new motion in your setup and swing is a very difficult process.

That is why I believe we must keep the concepts as simple as possible.

I am narrowing the important factors down every day.

It is an ever changing list, but right now, here is what I have in order of importance (keeping in mind that some of these factors are in different order for different golfers).

1. Balance
2. Rhythm
3. Lack of excess tension tension (I say excess tension as we don’t want to be bowls of jelly)
4. A setup that suits the individual
5. Proper Shoulder Turn-I am finding more and more what an important factor this is

Again, this list is fluid. Some will say that I talk an awful lot about the release and lag, and to not have that on my top 5 is strange. Those who say that make my point (I know I love that statement). The release is not something that should be active. If you do the 5 above things, you are not far away from a proper release happening all by itself.

A release is not something you are supposed to do on purpose…like a cast, or a hold on. As I have tried to show, the natural anatomy of the body and centrifugal force will create each individual’s best possible release according to his speed, strength and skill level, automatically.

Swinging in Sync is another term I throw around that didn’t make the top 5. Again, just like release, this is something that will happen all by itself if you don’t do something to prevent it…like lead with the lower body, add lag, etc.

I also think a more simple approach is a snowball/domino effect. If it is more simple, you have more fun, which makes things more simple, which leads to more fun…etc.




  1. T

    Whether you state it directly or you leave it to your readers, most of what you write is about ‘understanding’ the art of hitting a golf ball (can art be understood!?). My question to you, prompted by how my own mind works, is – was everything crystal clear (haha) to you when you started your blog or have you learned along the road, (as we say where I live).while writing/videoing? Just curious.

    • Monte Scheinblum

      I am learning as I write.

      I agree that you don’t understand art sometimes.

  2. banchiline

    Monte , I like your “keep it simple ” approach .Keep it up .

    I have discovered over the years the more simple & natural I allow my swing to be , the more I am able to “play” . Those attempting to do everything perfect related to the swing never play . They spend the entire time on the course in the mire of the swing “playing them “.

    I have learned to chase a score. Most golfers spend their entire life chasing a swing . I practice very little now on anything other than wedges & shortgame . My time on the full range is solely playing what I call my “trouble ” shots . It’s fun .
    I like fun .

  3. radioman


    As a matter of feedback to you,
    I find that the two most inportant items
    on your list are 4) A setup that suits the
    To me, number 4 promotes number 1;
    everything else falls into place automatically.
    In the past, when I hit a good golf shot, I
    use to wonder how the hell I did it.
    With your help and my diligence, I’m on
    my way to finding out how.


  4. S. Wood

    Great list. Wish I’d seen it a long time ago…and knew what it meant.

    Nothing in there about angles and planes, which is good because you can’t see them anyway without a guru.


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