Coming up this week.

Tomorrow-really bad lessons I witnessed personally from big time instructors.

Tuesday will be ones I saw from amateur range gurus.

Monday’s and Tuesday’s posts along with my own struggles with modern golf instruction is what drove me to this point of putting up or shutting up. Let’s see if I can do better.

Someone requested videos of people Maintaining the T and those who make errors. That will be up sometimes this week.

Any other requests?

I apologize if you have made a request in the past and it never showed up. Here is your chance to try again. Remember, I am in my 40’s and about to become the father of 2. Short term memory is a weakness right now. ๐Ÿ™‚




  1. banchiline

    Hey , are you gonna name names ? What about really bad lessons from maybe someone we have witnessed . You know………the kind that are trying to re-invent the take-away , transition , weight shift & follow-through (among other things)……………at a really nice price……………..LOL

  2. radioman

    What is this nonsense about making golf fun
    Was at the range a couple days ago.
    One “serious ” golfer told a bunch of
    laughing young men to keep quiet.
    One of the young guys quiped,”Oh,
    I forgot, you’re not supposed to have
    fun when you play golf”.
    Evrybody laughed, including the grumpy
    Monte, I do have a suggestion: Why not
    have a STUPID GOLF TIP of the month
    award. I saw one in the current issue of
    Golf Digest, as illustrated by a guy
    whose name is something akin to
    David Leadbottom. ( See page 30)
    I don’t want to describe it for fear of
    violating copy right laws.
    Geez, I wonder what David would look
    like in cargo shorts — Yuch.

    Cheers from snow country

  3. Brett Picotte

    I’d love your insight on lag putting and putting in general. Thanks.

  4. Hackinator

    I would like to see a series on exercise and stretches for golf.

  5. Peter Balogh

    Your bunker technique and please compare it to Utleys as itโ€™s the best I found in 25 years. Of course the pitch, chip and you promised your swing lagholding and with good release. That all for now LOL

  6. Michael

    A little analysis of Sean O Hair’s swing, as well as Rory McIlroy. I like the look of both their swings, what could the average person take from it? And no I don’t mean copying our swing to look like theirs!

    • B. Kozel

      Monty, getting back to requests, help me – help me- help me, no matter what I do I CANNOT STOP HITTING just behind the ball. On a pre-shot the divit comes out almost perfect in front of the ball, but on the one that counts it’s a NO-NO. HELP!!!!!! Bob.

      • Monte Scheinblum

        I am sure I will be able to help, but I need to see it. The tech guys are telling me it will be ready this week.


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