Release drill (Be careful when you do it…see below)

Before I get to the drill…as I practice/play I am going to post some of my thoughts and feels hoping some of you may be able to get something out of it…or maybe you just might find it interesting.

If I implement a feel and it ends up being a temporary bandaid, I will talk about that as well.

Of course if I put up a low round, I will brag about it 🙂 and if I put a nasty one on the board, I will also let you guys have at me for being a chop…actually a duck. First stage of Open Qualifying is May 11th. I am playing Ironwood CC in Palm Desert. I have made it there twice before and missed by one or two the other time, so I have had success there.

It will be only my second competitive round since September of 2008.

On to the drill. Basically, you just hit a shot one handed, with the dominant hand. Right hand for a righty and left hand for a lefty. You can’t force the lag during this drill, because with only one hand on the club, it is difficult to get the leverage.

If you are a chucker/caster/thrower…START WITH VERY SHORT SWINGS AND DON’T SWING TOO HARD.

You don’t want to swing too hard if you are casting as it will put a lot of pressure on your right wrist.

For you tennis players, it will feel just like hitting a top spin forehand…coincidentally, not unlike a proper golf swing release. 😀

This is a feedback drill that will tell you how off your release is and what a proper one feels like. Hard to fake it one handed.

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  1. s.

    “For you tennis players, it will feel just like hitting a top spin forehand…coincidentally, not unlike a proper golf swing release.”

    Now I know you watched Tom Kite’s Playing Lesson. (Golf Channel)

  2. mship99

    Good luck Monte. I am really looking forward to following your progress!

    • mship99

      Quick question…while doing this drill should we mimic the golf swing? I ask because it seems that you just pulled your arm back and swung through, no shoulder turn at all. Seems kind of counter productive if you are trying to be less dominant with your hands and arms? Or is it just not important for this drill b/c we are just focusing on the release?



      • Monte Scheinblum

        The second thing. You are just trying to see how a proper release feels.

      • mship


  3. Cliff

    Thanks for the video and good luck.

  4. carrera

    What iron did you use?

    • Monte Scheinblum

      That was an LW, but I did it with driver too. Just didn’t video it.

    • Monte Scheinblum

      I don’t particularly care for doing it left handed (for a righty) as that promotes a hold on more than a release.


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