Another great message board post on how to use thig blog.

(I am going to have more posts on course and shot management, as well as regular updates on what I am working on and feels I am having and using.)

You guys know I am not a swing system guy, no two people swing the same and the same drill, swing idea won’t work for everyone.

When I give a lesson, I make suggestions on what I think will make the individual swing more efficiently. If they don’t like it, or feel they can’t do it, I move on and work around it to that persons strengths.

I have stated many times, the way to use this blog is not to read it every day and immediately try and implement everything I say. That is too many ideas and not helpful

Read it everyday and find 1 or 2 things that really click and help you find a feel that suits you and works…as you simplify your approach.

Here is a LINK to the message board of someone who “found a feel.”





  1. Bob34

    There is a ton of great stuff over at the Spicy Golf Forum. Wish I had found it sooner and also hope that folks use Monte’s board more…

    • mship


      They are pretty tough over there…I just posted this that I got off of that thread I have not stopped laughing yet…those Germans are some tough folks to satisfy 🙂

      Dear Monte,
      if I may assist, I have a friend with a helicopter. He could film the ball in flight further supporting your credibility. Another friend is public notary, he would love to join the flight and give his seal of approval. Just to be on the safe side we obviously need a guaranteed golf ball free environment. We have the world’s largest hangar just south of Berlin, it is large enough for you and the helicopter. I totally realise you would have proposed this testing method by yourself, but for the German readers I want to preview what is unavoidably coming up.
      Your helicaddy

      • Monte Scheinblum

        mship, they are tough, but they are all good people just wanting to know more and get better.

      • mship99

        Oh no doubt! I apologize in advance if anyone interprets it that way! It’s just that I thought I was tough to convince 🙂

    • mship

      “Read it everyday and find 1 or 2 things that really click and help you find a feel that suits you and works…as you simplify your approach.”

      AMEN Monte!

  2. Bob34

    I lived in Germany for 4 years back in the mid 80’s and loved it. My daughter was born at Hahn AB & it’s where I took up golf. I was stationed at Boerfink near Birkenfeld. Favorite beer was Konigsbacher and I even learned to like Mayonase on my pomme frits. (French Fries) I had a tough time learning to speak Deutsh, I could never get the rolling ‘ch’ sound right like in Rauchen (sp?) smoking.

    I wouldn’t call the Germans tough really, just straight forward…

    BTW: For our German friends, The US will tie England beat Algeria, Slovenia, (England wins the group on goal difference) and advance from the group stage to play Germany in the round of 16 and win 3-1. 🙂

    Anyway, I now see where Monte gets some of his inspiration from for this blog…

    • mship99

      Bad choice of words on my part again I apologize. I just go a HUGE kick out of someone offering their helo 🙂 Personally I would like to see Monte take them up on it! He said he gets free tickets anyway!

  3. s.

    Following your message board LINK to someone who found a feel, “like I was throwing with my back arm,” it reminded me of what Tom Kite said on his Golf Channel Playing Lesson.

    Personally, I don’t like any Left-Right thoughts. I’m fooling around with a thought from Barefoot Dave from The Big Break TV show. He felt like he was throwing the shaft down the fairway…and in fact he DID practice by throwing clubs. That totally takes the Left-Right out of it, and arm-hand manipulation too.

    More of a feeling of chest, or core, or upper arms, or shoulders…or flinging the shaft. But, you still need sequence and timing.


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