Woods and Harrington being put on the clock.

I have gotten several emails asking me to voice my opinion, so here it is.

Slow play is one of the major issues plaguing golf right now. Golfers from the worst beginner all the way up to Tiger Woods are playing too slow. The pre-shot routines are taking too long, finding the perfect yardage is taking too long and people are standing over the ball way too long. It is turning golf into a marathon and slow play rules need to be more rigorously enforced by public and private course marshals and pro golf tour officials.

That being said, what an absolutely horrible time to try and enforce the rules. I hate it when umpires and referees in major sports think they are part of the game and influence the outcome too much. In basketball they call it swallowing the whistle. This rules official should have swallowed the whistle instead of putting Woods and Harrington on the clock because he affected the outcome.

It was a disgrace.




  1. meateater

    You are so right about slow play. The Tour allows it, so of course it filters down to every course, with idiots thinking it is perfectly acceptable to march off 80 steps to the green or assess a 20 foot putt from every possible angle. Slow play is a curse that is ruining both tournament and recreational golf.

    The Tour simply has to get a handle on it. There are many steps they could take, but saying that over 4 hours is a reasonable pace of play for two top professionals is ridiculous.

    Personally, I couldn’t care less that the official put Harrington and Tiger on the clock. They were waaaaay behind and should have gone on the clock earlier. It’s not fair to the rest of the field to cut them slack because they are the last group. The rules have to be applied the same to everyone. If they didn;t get used to playing so damn slow, being on the clock would not be that big a deal. They shuld be playing at that pace anyway.

    • Monte Scheinblum

      I agree with what you said about Woods and Harrington being on the clock. What I am saying is it is a disgrace they picked this particular time to enforce the rules when they are so lax in doing so most of the time.

      Using the basketball analogy, it would be like allowing hard fouls and not calling them all game long and then calling a touch foul with one second left in a tie game.

  2. Linda Guyett

    do you think the network had any influence, since for the 2nd day in a row they were up against their deadline?


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