Use the American Feng Shui to improve your golf game.

Real Feng Shui had a purpose of design, but the American version has been dumbed down to moving the furniture around for a fresh outlook and change to freshen things up.

Do that with your golf game and you might get the results I got yesterday. My baseline shot is a draw, but I like hitting fades to back right pins, on dogleg rights and on holes where way left is safe and barely right is bad.

It is no secret that I have fought being under the plane for a long time and am trying to work my way out of it. I have been close to doing this as of late, but keep teetering back and forth from day to day.

Yesterday I played a course where the pin was back right on seven of the first nine holes and less than 5 yards right of the fairway was dead (with way left being another fairway) on five of the six driving holes (par 34 with three par 3’s).

The ninth hole I couldn’t find the blue tee, so I hit with my father-in-law from the whites. 288 par 4 down wind. Hit a perfect draw hybrid (a club I have never had a handle on…ever) right at the flag about 40 feet short of the pin on the front of the green.

My cut shot was working nicely, but my green reading was pitiful, so I only shot 2 under on the front. #10 was also a cut driving hole and I placed a nice one right in the middle of the fairway.

For the rest of the back nine I was so free (not stuck) and absolutely thrilled myself with some of the shots I hit. I hit a knockdown 3-iron about 15 feet on a 235 yard into the wind par 3 and a few holes later, I hit a 3-wood (historically the worst club in my bag) about 25 feet on my second shot to a par 5 that was 614 yards. The second shot was very uphill from 285 and downwind.

The fairways were wide on the back nine, but I hit all of them, all nine greens, all three par 5’s in two and didn’t have a putt over 25 feet…and it was easy.

Again, the green reading was horrendous, so I only shot 4 under on the back. Six under par 64. 6 Birdies and five of them were two putts…LOL.

IMO, hitting all those cuts got me in a rhythm of being teetering on the good side and therein lies what you can do to help your game.

Change the way you approach nine holes, or an entire round. Maybe not the same way I did, but all our golf games often get stale and we need a change to liven things up. Equipment changes are usually the road taken, but try and shake things up. It’s fun, you will learn some new shots and the likely outcome is positive.




  1. will

    You know, Marty, maybe the things that you do to hit a cut offset the bad traits in your swing. I found the same to be true for me, except I try to hit a draw. Even when I’m trying to hit a fade, I’m thinking “draw”, with the face open. By just trying to hit a certain shot, it offsets the bad stuff without having to use a single technical swing thought. Could be that playing the cut is the way for you to go, especially with the length you possess. Maybe you should try it out for another round to see if you’re on to something.

  2. Dean

    Geez Monte you are long. A knock down 3 iron from 235? What would you have hit with no wind?


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