Tuesday May 25th come say hello

EDITED:(around 6 PM)

to me at the Golfsmith Store in Brea, CA. I am giving a 15 minute speech to a business group. If you are local, come out and talk some golf with me.

I took the last week off to give my back a rest from moving all the boxes. I am now going into “work my ass off” mode.

I used to have all the physical talent needed to be a PGA Tour player, all the toughness and confidence to compete, but a terrible mental approach.

I still have the talent and my mental approach is right where it needs to be. All I am missing is that blind confidence, bordering on arrogance. That will come from hitting lots of balls, chips and putts and building confidence in my physical move. 3-5 hours a day when not playing a round

Then step two is to play golf and learn to shoot low again and how easy it is if you just let it happen. I follow this with a trip to the practice area for around an hour of working on what I was bad with during the round. If everything was solid, I call it a day. Practicing after a good round never worked for me.

Step three will be to do it in a tournament.

Step four will be to do it in the final round of a tournament.

Step five in the final round of a big tournament.




  1. Steve Bishop

    Let me know when you come to Phoenix. I’ll come chat with ya then.

    When you look at the swings that are on the tour and realize the majority of them aren’t that much better than yours, it smacks you in the face that they are just mentally tougher than you. Not a pleasant realization is it?

    Yet so few people actually WORK on mental toughness. They work on swing. Chipping and putting really just comes down to imagination. Again, all mental.

  2. hackgolfer

    Good luck Monte! Rooting for you all the way.

    It might give great insight to “how to practice” if you are willing to give us a down to the minute rundown of your practice session (a la John Wooden BB practices) or for that matter how the pros practice.

    As for me, a hacker, most of my handicap comes from chipping and putting, so I spend a third of my time putting, a third on chipping and a third on the range.

    Thanks again!

    • Monte Scheinblum

      I will definitely be giving updates on ideas and feels I come across that might help others.

  3. Jay

    What time?

  4. Calvin D

    Amen Monte.

  5. StroyFinance

    Sorry to hear about your frustrations with poker, but i guess thats the nature of the game. Doing everything right, and still losing is extremely difficult to overcome, but maybe taking a break and spending time away from tournament poker will allow you to be refreshed and rejuvenated, and remember why you love tournament poker so much. Best of luck.


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